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A May Full Of Scares

May is becoming our second favourite month after October purely because there is so many scare related things happening and i'm here for it. So in this little blog post we are gonna tell you all the scare stuff happening this month which is super exciting.

Walpurgis Night - Scare Kingdom Scream Park

First on our list is the annual Walpurgis Night event at Scare Kingdom. The event started back in 2017 and it has given scare fans something to suck on to keep them fixed until October. This year the event will have 2 attractions in the tickets price with Manormortis - Diodati and Body Snatchers - Timetrapped. Not only that, the scream park will also be saying a farewell to the renowned Psychomanteum as it bows out with Psychomanteum - Rainblow. The event runs for one night only on May 7th and tickets and more information can be found at the Scare Kingdom website.

The Ghost of Chesterton House

Returning after a few years away, The Ghost of Chesterton House is the exorcism that happens in front of your very eyes in a Victorian dining room. It been described as "hybrid of stage play and immersive experience". We did it a few years ago when we posted reviews straight to Facebook and we loved it so we look forward to returning to experience it. The experience is at the Millfield Theatre in Enfield and runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from May 6th until July 30th. For more information and to book tickets you can visit The Ghost of Chesteron House website.

Zombie Events

If ghosts aren't your thing than why not look at a zombie event. Zombie Infection and Zombie Uprising are two of the UK's leading zombie experience events and with multiple locations through the UK there really is no reason why you couldn't get chased and terrorised by the undead. For more information and to book tickets you can visit both the Zombie Infection and Zombie Uprising websites.

Everything Else

You know we at PSG love a good escape room but with so many decent horror themed escape rooms to not only test your brains but also your bravery you really are spoilt for choice. You can check out some of reviews for some of our thoughts on some. As well as escape rooms you have the year round attractions like The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, The Dungeons and Pasaje Del Terror. As well as all that there is House of Frankenstein, Turf Wars and if rides are more your thing, there are so many fabulous ghost trains throughout the UK


No May would be complete without a mention about ScareCon, Europe's only trade show for the scare industry. This annual convention brings together the scare community with trade stands, talks, seminars and the annual SCAR awards. We will be there too. Just look out for our little ghost. It will be great to meet you all. More information can be found on the ScareCON website.


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