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Blitz Review - Cluedini Yarm

Cluedini in County Durham has two locations, Darlington and Yarm and each offer two escape rooms. Darlington have Anubis (an Egyptian themed room) and Sleuth (a Murder mystery room) and Yarm has Blitz (world war 2 themed) and Hex (witch themed room). We did Blitz. Due to various reasons we were running a bit late but the staff were so incredibly accommodating.

When we did eventually arrive we were greeted with such warmth and positivity. I forgot the name of our host but he was amazing. He was so friendly, fun, enthusiasm and it showed that he really enjoyed his job and was so happy to be back open. He explained about the room and all the health and safety associated with the room. We were then led to our room where we were then told that we would only have one chance to unlock the last lock and escape the room. The time started.

The story of the room was this “On the verge of cracking the Nazi Super Code and bringing and end to WW2, Agent LoneWolf was murdered late last night by undercover spies who have infiltrated our ranks. Intelligence officers have since learned that a Luftwaffe bombing raid on LoneWolf HQ is iminent.” The entire game was in one room but it felt like you were in an attic which gave it a bit of a secret hideout vibe. The puzzles in the room were great fun. There was such a great mixture of easy and hard ones, some of which required props that were themed for the time period. The puzzles, the images, the maps, everything about this room was themed to the time period, even the music. The room is very code lock heavy but it works very well. They don’t become cumbersome or irritating. There was four of us in the team and I think this is the perfect size group. Everything about this room was perfect and so much fun. There was only one downside for me and that was that there wasn’t more.

Our group managed to escape with 14 minutes 48 seconds left on the clock. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Cluedini for a really enjoyable room and we can’t wait to come back and experience the others in the future. To book tickets for any of the rooms Cluedini have to offer you can visit


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