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Christmasacre:The Big Slay (Walsall Scare Maze)2023

Our Slasher Review

(The Short Review)

On the 16th of December, we headed back to one of our favourite attractions, the incomparable Walsall Scare Maze, This time for the annual Christmas event entitled Christmasacre: The Big Slay and of course the new for 2023 Extreme 18+ experience ENOLA. This year The Scarehouse had been taken over by an illegal rave and the scares as always were fast-paced and well-executed alongside stunning sets and great use of misdirection. ENOLA, not going into too much detail was everything and more that we were hoping for of this kind of attraction, some elements were challenging but all in all, we recommend giving it a go, you won't soon forget your experience.

Top Tips-Try and arrive 15 minutes or so early if you book the 7 pm opening slot so you can get a good place in the queueline early before it fills up.

Things that bite- Once again we try to find fault even by splitting hairs but honestly we couldn't find anything wrong.

Value for Money-The Scarehouse/Main Maze (Absolutely)ENOLA(Very reasonable for £16 for a good 15 minutes or so you're in the clinic)

Scare Rating-With the addition of ENOLA as a whole the event gets a 5/5 from us.

Do we recommend-There is a reason why we always come back here, so a resounding yes.

Our Stalker Review

(Our Long Review-May contain some spoilers)

The Scarehouse/Main Maze

Christmas time comes around again and so does Walsall Scare Maze's annual event "Christmasacre" which always makes our calendar. This time under the moniker of "The Big Slay". Nestled at the back of a fantastic LGBTQIA+ Venue. We booked for 7 pm and entered the Scarehouse in a group of 6 roughly around 7:30. After the obligatory photo opportunity we headed down into the dark to a new preshow different from the Halloween incarnation, Although the benches were sadly missed this time round, we feel that the style of intro for the story worked well and set us up well on our way.

We were entering in search of the illegal rave hidden deep within the Scare House. But this time we were starting with a difference, leading into the almost pitch black by the occasional Christmas lighting and a solitary glowstick at the front of the group. This new start added a great amount of tension allowing scares to come completely undetected. As we headed deeper within we met a mixture of ravers, some crazed and others intoxicated, all played with fantastic ability of bringing these characters to life. A few scripted scenes made their way into telling us that the rave was deep within, we just had to find our way to the the infamous "Cellar" of the previous attraction and head into the sewers, that being one of our favourite scenes with some interactive play from the actors with the water effects.

After the sewers we found ourselves headed into the deep depths of this festive nightmare where ravers and Scarehouse Christmas creatures combined with a full-on attack of laughs and scares. A big mention goes to the mental "elves" in the curtain maze section who took great delight in trapping me and leaving me distanced from the group. These actors were absolutely fantastic and really added a great dose of interaction to the scene. Another standout section was the almost blinding strobe maze where you could hardly see in front of you, we always appreciate an area that includes disorientation of the senses. A final mention goes to the area I'm calling the "room of the lost" a pitch-black loop with well-timed sparkbox/actor scares that left us completely lost and unaware of where to go next, this scene is so simple yet so effective. Finally, it was time to make the finale of the maze and yet again it didn't disappoint, a well-timed "what we thought was a chainsaw" but apparently might have been a leafblower scare which is not something you see a lot of left us leaping for the exit cheering and applauding another successful run of Walsall Scare Maze once again!

ENOLA(New for 2023 - 18+ Extreme Experience)

Leaving on the high of the main maze it was time for things to get serious because this time round ENOLA was waiting for us and this is where nerves started to kick in. I love it when a scare experience makes me nervous and I'd been building this up for a while. Before you even set foot in the clinic there is a list of allergies that we highly advise you read and a very lengthy in-depth waiver.If you don't want to see the full list of potential interactions located outside of the attraction then skip past the next image. ENOLA is not your standard scare attraction and for this reason, it's wise to know what you are getting yourself in for but if you came here for a spoiler walkthrough of each scene then you might be disappointed. It simply wouldn't be fair to the creative team behind ENOLA to explain in detail what to expect from the 18+ Extreme experience, Honestly, it's best to try and avoid those spoilers, embrace the nerves and get yourself booked in.

What we will say is ENOLA is a unique, mental, twisted and depraved experience but we say that in the highest praise, expect to be in the clinic for a good 15 minutes, it might have been longer but I think that about how long I was in the clinic for. ENOLA works across a multitude of rooms each with a special theme and a dedicated designated task or tasks to take on. Some might be a little painful, others might leave you with something to remember the experience by or even a bad taste in your mouth and others might just leave you questioning your sanity. The whole experience has a fantastic team of fearless and skilled actors who work the scenes with power and imposing dominance and every one of them should be commended for their dedication to the respective roles. ENOLA will take you on a wild bad trip with some truly inspired ways of moving you from scene to scene, True it's not for everyone but one of the great features put in place is the the safeword. If the safeword is said you can skip a certain element of the trial, this will not end ENOLA completely and you will be able to advance to the next stage, they might try a different tactic on you if you say the word "Mercy" but I highly advise to hold off saying the safeword if you want to fully experience the insanity and full intensity that ENOLA has to offer.

Rest assured I left ENOLA crawling out contemplating what the hell just happened, well as much as you can crawl wrapped legs to shoulders in clingfilm but I left proud and empowered, a strange feeling that you get from completing all the tasks, but once again we cannot commend the entire body of staff, Actors and Creatives alike who brought ENOLA together to one twisted trip into insanity that I will not forget anytime soon, Now it's just the long wait to Halloween when hopefully the clinic will open its doors again and I will be long due my check-up.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for hosting The Big Slay, it has been the perfect way to end the year ready for a new year of scares in 2024 which we will most certainly be returning for! To the entire cast and crew of the Main Maze and ENOLA, We salute you and your efforts in putting on yet another exemplary show.

If you wish to book Walsall Scare Maze: Christmasacre there are 2 days left in the calendar. 22nd and 23rd of December. You can book at the link below.

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I also attended last night for a first ever visit. Was amazed by how great this experience was. One of the best scare attractions i’ve ever been to. I braved Enola and oh wow that is intense! I loved it so much though, such a unique attraction. As you said, the actors in there were absolutely phenomenal and deserve big praise. Im definitely going again next Halloween.

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