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Fear Factory Live 2021 Review

We were given free tickets to experience Fear Factory Live. Whilst we were given the free tickets, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

Our Slasher Review - (The Quick Read)

On Saturday 2nd we were invited along by the team at Fear Factory Live in Atherton, Manchester to experience this first year event. Set in the Ena Mill, this historic and usual building really sets the tone for the attraction. A mixture of scares and theatrical elements all intertwine to create a really unique experience. Fear Factory Live runs 8th - 10th, 15th - 17th, 22nd - 24th and 26th - 31st October and tickets start from £12.50 + booking fee.

Top tip for the event: Immerse yourself completely in the attraction and give back to the actors.

Things that bite: We saw a crash mat when we went through but we believe this has since been rectified.

Value for money: Great value for money

Scare Rating: 4/5

Do we recommend: Yes

Continue reading below for a more in depth review!

Our Stalker Review - (Our Longer Read)

We were grateful to receive an invite to experience this brand new attraction based in Ena Mill in Atherton on its opening night, and what a night it was. Not only have the team based an attraction in an unusual location, but they also tied the narrative of the attraction to the venue!

We always love to work up to a scare attraction, and the many flights of stairs to the top floor did not disappoint, and even though we were out of breath (probably a wake up call for some of us), we were greeted at the top by an awesome looking bar serving many different cocktails and a little nook to the side where there were delicious fresh pizzas!

Fear Factory Live has created a unique experience which implements both the history of the mill with theatrical elements throughout. From the get go we were given a scenario for ourselves and introduced to a very stern character, who explained to us the rules for us to follow. During this scene a very clever piece of trickery was done (which we may or may not have asked to go round a second time to try and find out exactly how it was done).

After we were sent on our way it seemed like it would be a simple walk around with maybe some typical boo scares, but as we meandered on every twist and turn brought us to a myriad of creative scenery and excellent theatrical moments. We won’t spoil the scenes throughout, but the timing and trust between the actors to commit to these scenes was genuinely fantastic.

One of our favourite moments is the boiler scene in the middle and we have never laughed so hard! His improvisation was on point and somehow managed to make us laugh whilst still keeping us on edge with his quick change of personalities. But there were also a few heartstrings tugged as the story developed. We never knew which way we were being directed to as it seemed the very walls themselves could open at any time.

Now entering into the finale through an unorthodox method,we could only watch on helplessly as the final act played out. Using clever angles and movements they played out a very realistic scene which left us all wondering what was going to happen next. The actors did a great job of keeping us involved even though we were separated… but not for long.

Overall we can’t thank Dan and his team enough for inviting us to experience their new attraction, and we can’t wait to see how this develops in the future. This is their first scare attraction, it completely hit the mark and I’m sure we will be following very closely any future developments they may have!

More information about this new event in Manchester can be found on their website.


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