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Let’s Talk Thorpe Park Coasters

It’s Thorpe Park week here on the PSG blog  and the first of a few blog posts this week is all about the parks roller coasters. From Stealth to Flying Fish to Project Exodus, this blog is going to talk about it!

I want to start by talking about the parks oldest coaster. We all know that Flying Fish doesn’t have the most amazing layout, nor is it the most exciting coaster in the park but I think for many, it was one of their first roller coasters, either as Space Station Zero or as one of the two incarnations of Flying Fish. The coaster gets overlooked by so many people when they visit and it’s a shame because although it’s not the most exciting and the most thrilling, its just got this vibe about it. When I think of Flying Fish I think of silly, stupid fun. It’s the sort of coaster you go on when it’s a really busy day at the park, but you then remember that you have a soft spot for it and it makes you just happy. When it comes time for the coaster to retire it won’t get a big show and dance like Nemesis has been given, it will just quietly retire and the park will just remove it, which is a shame, because it’s kind of iconic in its own right.

I will probably get a lot of questionable looks for what I’m about to say but I think one of the most underappreciated rollercoasters at Thorpe Park is The Walking Dead:The Ride/X: No Way Out/X. Firstly it is in probably the most iconic UK building at a theme park. Who doesn’t know of the pyramid! And secondly, no matter which version of the ride is your favourite, everyone will just have a great memory about it. I think we can all agree that it's long winding corridors will not be missed when it's time to retire but I know I will be sad when it comes time for the pyramid and the coaster inside to leave. And I do just want to add that I love that The Walking Dead brought back the tech issue brake (I don't know the technical term for it).

Let’s talk big coasters as the park has five. There will always be disagreements over which one is the best and it is purely just a personal taste. To some Stealth is the best, to others it’s The Swarm. There is no correct answer. What I do know is that Thorpe Park’s coasters have some the best elements in the country. Stealth has its launch, The Swarm has the dive drop into the zero g roll, Saw has its indoor and outdoor drops, Nemesis Inferno has its inversions and Colossus, um, yeah, moving on. Most of Thorpes coasters have something that people just love when riding or at the time it opened had something really new and awesome aboutnit. What makes these coasters even more amazing is their locations and how each one just feels different. Some interact with the ground, some stay hidden, some are just truly photogenic. One thing I've noticed over the years is that the coasters seem to get better the older they get, well, except Colossus. There is so much to love about these coasters that it makes what is coming exciting.

Project Exodus is going to be the parks first new coaster in 14 years (by the time it’s planned to open). The plans are very exciting and it will be the tallest coaster in the country. Let’s be honest, we’ve all looked at the plans, so we know what’s coming and we all know that every fan site (us probably included) will bring updates on construction. I believe it is the big coaster that Thorpe Park have sorely needed for a good few years now and fingers crossed it does what it needs to do for the park. Also, in a surprise move, the park recently took to social media to show that Colossus is having work done to it, most likely a partial re track, which is definitely needed as this coaster is, well, rough.

The coasters at Thorpe Park do come in all shapes and sizes and the island like no other really is top tier. What is your views on the parks roller coasters? Let us know in the comments on social media!


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