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New Rides Opening In 2021

With all the attractions planned for 2020 opening being pushed back to 2021, this years new season has so many new rides and attractions opening at the many UK theme parks that we thought we would provide a quick and up to date look at whats planned to open and where.

Alton Towers – The World of David Walliams

Due to open in 2020, Alton Towers pushed back the opening of this wacky and colourful world based of the books and characters by David Walliams. Located in the old Cloud Cuckoo World, the area of the park will feature re themed rides as well as the new dark ride Gangsta Granny The Ride. Whilst no official opening date has been revealed by the park, the parks website is saying a spring opening. Also rumours and an image have been circulating on social media about funfair rides appearing at the park. More information about The World of David Walliams as well as the park can be found at their website

Gullivers Valley Resort – Unnamed Coaster

Another coaster where there is little knowledge about but Gullivers Valley Resort is set to open the UK’s first SBF Visa Group’s Race Coaster. Obviously this is a coaster aimed at families, but its still exciting. We don’t have an opening date yet. More information can be found on their website

Thorpe Park – Black Mirror Labyrinth

Another park that pushed back their 2020 offering, Black Mirror Labyrinth is a new interactive experience located in the back of the parks pyramid. This area has played home to some of the parks Fright Nights mazes previously so it makes sense that it becomes home to a new walkthrough experience. Whilst little is currently known about the experience we imagine the park will want to get this open soon. It is due to open on the 21st May but this could change depending on restrictions. More information about this experience can be found on their website

Lightwater Valley – Go Safari!

Lightwater Valley announced that they would be changing direction in the attractions they offer and as such they announced the closure of some of their adult rides including Raptor Attack. Instead the park will be offering more family rides and as such will be opening a new area called Go Safari!. The area will feature 4 rides in Savannah Express, Convoy Trucks, Elephant Flight and the Monkey drop towers. As well as this new area the park will also be introducing two other rides called Kangaroo Jump and Hot Air Ballons. More information can be found on their website

Chessington World of Adventures – Croc Drop

New for 2021 is Croc Drop, the family SBF Visa drop tower that is replacing Rameses Revenge. The ride is similar to that of Paultons Park’s drop tower and will take riders 25m into the air before spinning and dropping them into the giant jaws of a crocodile. The ride will feature Egyptian hieroglyphs and its sure to become a family favourite ride at the park. As well as Croc Drop, the Blue Barnacle will also set sail for the first time this year too. The ride will open when the park opens on 12th April. More information about the park and their offerings can be found on their website

Funland Hayling Island – Destination Z Ghost Train

This one we saw a glimpse of somewhere but it then just vanished. They had been converting an old arcade into the ghost train but that was the last update any of us remember seeing before it dropped of the face of the earth. We have no idea if its still going to open. All we currently have is the name and thats Destination Z. We are sure the park will update their wbsite with the relevant information about this

Paultons Park – Tornado Springs

Paultons Park went all out with a new area that had been planned to open in 2020 but due to the pandemic the park decided to postpone the opening until this year. Luckily it meant the park had extra time to finish the new Tornado Springs area, a midwestern American desert town, and from the pictures we’ve seen, it look stunning. This new area of the park will feature 8 rides and the area’s star ride is of course its new spinning coaster Storm Chaser. Other rides include Al’s Auto Academy, Trekkin’ Tractors and Cyclonator. The area should hopefully open when the parks opens on April 12th. More infomartion about this new area can be found on their website

Legoland – Mythica

Paultons Park and Alton Towers aren’t the only park to be opening a new area this year. Legoland will be opening a new area called Mythica. It is a parallel universe where mythical creatures come to life. The area is made of Flight of the Sky Lion a flying theatre ride as well as a rethemed Squid Surfer that is now called Hydra’s Challenge and two drop tower rides called Fire and Ice Freefall. This new area is due to open on the 29th May. More information can be found on their website

Fantasy Island – 3 New Rides

Fantasy Island recently announced that they will be getting a new spinning coaster called Spinning Racer. This is too replace Ice Mountain, which has now left the park. Also on the cards for the park is two other new rides yet to be announced. More information can be found on their website

Flamingo Land – 10 Inversion Coaster

(Rumoured to be called Invers10n)

Flamingo Land had planned to open their new Colossus clone coaster in 2020 but they pushed it back due to the pandemic so hopefully 2021 this will be the year it finally opens. The coaster may have a near identical layout to Thorpe Park’s Colossus, this one however will feature a lapbar restraint similar to Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Icon which should hopefully mean a more enjoyable ride experience. More information about the park can be found on their website

Southport Pleasureland – Unnamed Coaster

This information is taken from but according to their new for 2021 list, Southport Pleasureland are set to open a new Pinfari mini mega coaster this year. It is a relocation of the old Gullivers Warrington coaster Crazy Train. We don’t have any other information at the moment. We don’t currently have an opening date. We are sure more information will become available on the parks website

Zip World Tower – Tower Coaster

A new coaster that has gone under the radar but Zip World’s new location The Tower in Aberdare in South Wales. It will be Europe’s only side by side kart coaster, a coaster that you control the speed yourself so its ideal for both those who want to take in the scenery and those who want a wild ride. The Tower Coaster is due to open in Spring this year and will cost £25.00 for a solo adult for two runs. More information can be found n their website


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