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Old Market Scare - Horror Hotel Review 2019

For those that are unaware im the one (Dan) based in Nottingham where scare entertainment is pretty hard to find, We have a few horror-themed escape rooms and the Justice Museum occasionally does have scare nights but since we lost Nightmare Asylum it’s been thin on the ground.

So when I heard that Old Market Square in the centre of Nottingham was hosting Old Market Scare a smile crept across my little gay face. Even more so when I found out that our friends at AtmosFEAR (Scare Kingdom-Fear Island-Terror Island) were behind a new maze, And let’s just say my fears of it being a shipping container plug and play were soon removed.

Old Market Scare hosts a few attractions, One of the largest Ghost Trains in the UK, A waltzer, some smaller kiddie attractions and then standing in the centre of the square; Horror Hotel. From the outside, this may be somewhat unassuming, as its wood-clad exterior hides much of what you’re about to face, but walk past the bar and you will see the sign for the Hotel and see guests running out the exit.

Now seeming this attraction was built in 3 days you will be surprised by the quality inside. Using AtmosFEAR’s signature theatrical style with stop-start scenes elaborating story as you make your way across two floors in search of your room, Sadly the only room available mind you is the ill-fated Room 13. A cheeky look at the check in book and you might see other residents have stayed such as Titus Gold, Fun Uncle Bazza and I think even Miss Demi Monde was on the books too. In between the creative theatrical sections you will find all manner of scare maze essentials; Drop panels, blackout rooms, crawl spaces, strobe rooms, multiple different textures on the walls and floor.

The corridors wind on and on with clever projections that lead to that signature shock finale with the chainsaw. Horror Hotel has progression and story lead narative which is why I now refer to it as MiniMortis and Scare Kingdom fans will love to hear the soundtracks of familiar mazes.

One final thing I wanted to mention is that all of the actors as far as im aware had no scare acting experience but lead under Rowan they come together like a true family and I was lucky enough to meet them after my run. They all have an excitement for scare and even though they had been going from 11am and visited on the very last run at 9:45pm they scared with effort and enthusiasm. Horror Hotel has its final night tonight.


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