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Pharaoh's Mystery at Puzzalogical Escape Rooms Bracknell Review

Believe it or not Bracknell is only home to one escape room company. Luckily they have three rooms, Pharaoh's Mystery, Prison Break and The Secret of the Vault, the latter of which we've already experienced and a review can be found here for it. But we were here to experience Pharoah's Mystery, their Egyptian tomb themed escape room. Like with all rooms we knew nothing before entering. We were greeted by out host Nathan who explained the back story of the room, gave us hats and a lantern and then opened the door to let us in. The room was dark so our first job was to turn on the lights and within the first minute or so we got that done.

As light spread across the room we were greeted with a very beautifully themed room. There was detail high and low and even in the cracks and cranny's. the amount of love and attention that got put into this room shows. We slowly started to work our way through the puzzles. There was such a great mix of puzzles through the room And they all varied in style and difficulty. The diversity of them really added to the pacing of the room as it never got slow or felt out of place. With it being an Egyptian themed room there were puzzles related to traditional Egyptian lore and it was great too see. The room has a few surprises throughout which we won’t spoil too.

The question is, did we escape? Yes we did. We managed to solve the room in just over 56 minutes as a two. The room was a fun and challenging way to spend an hour and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves And we will be back to experience the last room we have yet to do. A massive thank you to our host Nathan for a great experience too. For more information and to book one of the rooms at Puzzalogical in Bracknell you can visit their website!


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