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Scare Kingdom Valenterror Review 2020

We arrived at a rather wet and incredibly windy Scare Kingdom after a day exploring Blackpool. Again I was here with Ashley and Steven from Scare Directory but we were also joined by Mikey and Hannah from ScareTrack. After getting our tickets checked we waited our turn to be taken to our first attraction of the night. A nice touch was the street character in the waiting area keeping us all amused and interacting with guests, A nice touch I’ve not noticed before with their out of season scares. Then were were taken to our first attraction of our night, Monster Mortis.

Monster Mortis Blackout

The basic backstory to this was we were part of a new film and had to protect the equipment. All the lights were turned off. With these monster like creatures and humans lurking everywhere and only a glow stick to guide us, we were also sent in pairs or alone. I typically got sent in by myself lol. So off I went on the cue of action with my pretty much useless glow stick in hand and off I went though the fire place. Very tentatively I followed round Manormortis. You could barely see and all the glow stick did was make you a target for the monsters to see you. The scares and interactions were absolutely brilliant and came from places you did not expect as well and they kept following me to the ending too. I loved the swamp scene! These creatures popping out of no where were absolutely fantastic. Then it was a short walk to our next attraction.

Body Snatchers- Roo Paulines Dungeons and Drag queens

The basic back story to this was we were there to see Roo Paulines latest show of girls. We were greeted and taken in by Demi and then we meet and got introduced to the main main person Roo herself. This character was absolutely brilliant. She has us in stitches, and their partner in crime did too. Then as we went along and meet the rest of the girls, who were absolutely brilliant. It was fantastic and so funny and had us in stitches. I loved it and the last scene for the ending was brilliant, loved it. This version of Body Snatchers had a few scares and then just pure comedy and interaction which I absolutely loved and this had to be my favourite version of the maze.

Psychomanteum – Speed Date

The 18+ paid extra attraction was next, Psychomanteum. I can’t really say much about it at all mainly because I like to keep this attractions quite secretive But this was another brilliant version of it. We did it in a pair for the first time ever so Mikey from ScareTrack was my partner in crime for it. All I can say is I went in and came out looking completely different. A whole lot dirtier and slightly moist lol.

Overall, absolutely loved Scare Kingdom Valentines event. I had such a good night here and was good fun and full of scares as well. Thank you Scare Kingdom for a brilliant and spooky night and now I’m Looking forward to their half way to Halloween event, Walpurgis Night in May.

Walpurgis Night will be back on Saturday 2nd May. Offering three attractions, this half way to Halloween event is always good for that mid season scare lull. Manormortis Underland, Body Snatchers: The Highgate Vampire and Psychomanteum: Dirty Weekend will all be on offer. More info and tickets can be found at Scare Kingdom’s website.


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