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The Chapel - Room Escape Southend

So we found ourselves back with the lovely Room Escape Southend guys, this time to experience their latest room, The Chapel. The vampires had made a home in an abandoned chapel and our aim of the game was to open all 5 windows and to send the vampires back to hell and kill them with the light! Did we have the skills to stay alive and save ourselves and humanity and more importantly, did we manage to escape this room.

This room is by far one of my favourite room these guys have done. Everything from the incredible theming of an old boarded up chapel, to the very difficult puzzles (the most difficult I’ve done), as we genuinely had moments of we had no idea what we were doing next or where to begin at points, to the absolute brilliant scares that came, the guys really got us and must of been laughing at some points at us with our reactions.

We were greeted by our lovely host who was called Mark and he lead us in and gave us a background on what we had do. From the very beginning, you are separated by padlocks. This room is completely pitch black with only a small torch for light, which when you are the first one in is terrifying. I found myself standing in the middle of the room with the torch facing to me not lighting the room at all. It was much to my relief when I could see my friend on the other side of the gate. Now I’m not a big lover of being in complete darkness so from the start I was scared of just how dark it was, but we had to search our own rooms first to release us so we could be together! This room really tested how me and my friend could work together as a team, to work out puzzles and cryptic messages to help our escape.But this was a horror escape room and the staff seemed to most definitely have great pleasure in scaring us as the vampire, creature and sounds would absolutely come from no where and when we least expect it, so when we were focusing on a puzzle!

But it was not long before I had company in my room with me to the point I was holding onto the gate refusing to look back. We had points were I really did not want to go back into the dark room as the creature was normally hiding somewhere in there. It got to the point where I would not move onto the next room. We had some of the best scares ever in here. They had me fall onto the floor, my loudest screams came out, I was backing into walls, refusing to go into places or scared of going into places and running to hug my friend in fear, but we had an absolutely brilliant time in this room. It was so much fun and genuinely terrifying too but two brilliant scares, a fire place scare and the grave yard scare, really got us!

So the question was did we escape? Yes we did with 5:30mins left on the clock, yay go us! So pleased we did it. A massive well done to these guys. Absolutely fantastic room, everything from the theming, effects, puzzles and scares, it was all brilliant and definitely the most scary room they have done to date! I loved this room, it was just perfect to me. I was terrified, scared, laughed and it was so much fun. Never did I think I would be that scared in an escape room. Me and my friend had so much fun doing this room together and I’m most definitely not living certain points down in the room for a long time. Thank you guys at Room Escape Southend for another fantastic room! Your hard work and effort really does pay off and I can’t wait to experience your other rooms later this year.


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