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Walsall Scare Maze – Christmasacre Review

It’s been over a year since I last visited Walsall Scare Maze and I could not have been more excited to get back there. Their last event I went to was just incredible so what better way to end my scare season than coming here for the Christmas maze.

So on a rather cold but thankfully dry night, I drove to Walsall where I arrived at a pub/club entrance with a tunnel and signage about the maze. I parked up and walked into the back garden of the club/pub. When you enter you see the entrance to the maze, this house with ivy and goblins and a rather sinster window. Next to that was where I got our ticket checked by the lovely staff member of the Walsall team. There’s a bar and this is also where the exit to the attraction was too. I went to join the small queue to get into the maze. I waited no more than 15/20mins. I was in the second group of the night. It was just me and two others, so a lovely small group. We had our photos taken by one of the team and we had the standard safety speech and then we were let into the maze.

What followed was absolutely incredible. The attraction was a good 15/20mins long. Not long after entering we meet a rather sinister elf and our small group was split up. I was sent down the nice list route and the other two were on the naughty list side. It was very unnerving doing it on my own and not knowing where I was going or what was going to happen. I continued through the attraction. We went through Christmas trees with the weirdest special effects of the trees moving at your ankles,A room completely filled with smoke you could not see where you were going at all and the smell in this room was horrible too. A room that was cold, with wind and water effects, I went through the elves work shop and we met loads of not very nice elves along the way who did not approve of us being there and were repeatedly told we had been naughty and they knew what we had done. There was this amazing lift scene. One of the best lift scenes I’ve experienced. The character in here was absolutely fantastic, crawling on the floor and it worked brilliantly with the effects going off. The vibrations were terrifying and the way it went up and down was like being on a trampoline lol. The swamp scene was fantastic and the added smell in here was another horrible one. Then this animatronic flew at me out of no where as we crossed this bridge. I almost fell to the floor, my legs got grabbed out of no where as well then as we got closer to the end of the maze things got more sinister and chaotic. As we approached these incredibly narrow barrels, I could tell it was not all it seemed. This clown like character came from no where at the side of these barrels.

We then got towards the end in a chain link strobe section, then this clown character re appears with a chainsaw, I go straight into panic/hiding mode. As the chainsaw was put against me and I ended up wedged in a corner. All I remember is the other two in my group legging it out and getting chased out and I ended up being with the clown like character who absolutely put the chainsaw everywhere. I had a chainsaw where no chainsaw had been before. I was genuinely terrified and hands down one of the strongest chainsaw endings to a maze I’ve experienced. It all ended with me being chased into the bar by the clown character and chainsaw and a terrified me exiting into the bar with everyone laughing at me 😂 I think they heard everything going on lol. Absolutely brilliant. I was blown away and came out smiling and processing what I just experienced.

For a maze in the back garden of a club/pub I was completely blown away by what I experienced. I was convinced on the way home I could still smell the smells. I smelt of chainsaw and I came out smiling and shaking. It was just so much fun and scary and I loved it. The effects, scenes and smells used were just great and used to perfection, better then some other larger scaled attractions I’ve experienced this year. Like the lift scene, swamp and smoke room. The actors were brilliant, interacting with all the group and the scares created and used came from no where and were so inventive to. I came out wishing I could go in again. I have to add, the team you meet who run the maze are lovely and welcoming. You went in in small groups and you never caught the group in front or behind you which really adds to the experience. I absolutely loved this attraction and it was so worth the 4hr round trip. Thank you!


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