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What Can The Alton Towers Resort Do Next For Evening Entertainment!

The Alton Towers resort offers a wide array of accommodation for guests. From the Alton Towers hotel to the Enchanted Village, there really is accommodation to suit all and with an array of different restaurants and live entertainment there is something to keep people entertained. But, is it enough? With the resort having so much accommodation is there enough outside the theme park opening times to keep guests entertained during their stays. Granted, most people are likely to visit the waterpark during the day, play a round of mini golf or go for a relax in the Spa but what about in the evening. In todays blog post we look at different ideas that the resort could bring in to make evenings more entertaining.

Alton Towers Themed Escape Rooms

With escape rooms taking the world by storm in recent years, I can see one or two working very well at the resort. It could open during the day and stay open until quite late giving both hotel and non hotel guests a chance to play and experience them. The great thing about escape rooms is that they can be themed to anything. Sir Algenon would be a great theme for an Alton Towers Hotel themed escape room. Another great thing is they don’t really take up much space either and could be something fun and different for the resort and could also generate a small income for the resort too.

Theatrical Productions

Ok, this is a bit of a swing but hear me out. Obviously the resort offers shows and entertainment to hotel guests throughout the day and into the evening but what if they used the conference centre to create an Alton towers themed show or musical. A themed cabaret would be a great way to spend an evening at the resort. The park has shown that shows and themed acts work well and bring a new lease of live to the park during events so why not bring that to the hotels. You just have to look at Christmas to show that everyone loves a good pantomime too. The stage offering could change throughout the year and be themed to what’s happening at the park or hotels too.

Limited Edition Experiences

Another thing the resort could do is offer limited edition experiences like they used too. During Scarefest they ran Sub Species Operation Lockdown, paid for extra experience that was slightly extreme but this idea of an out of hours experience. They could offer unique dining experiences or special behind the scenes tours or even special experiences. This could work very well during closed season as they could offer a unique after hours tour of Lightopia. The options for additional experiences is huge and is something that could really benefit the resort.

Indoor Mini Golf

Ok, hear me out as I know they already have a mini golf, but there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor mini golf. Outdoor ones are fun but if it starts to get dark early it can be a bit hard to play. Indoor mini golf has been making waves in the past few years and if done correctly it can be a full on experience as you could turn it into a cocktail bar mixed with mini golf holes that could be open during the day for families but after a set time it could be adults only.

There is so much potential for the resort offerings to be expanded to make it so there is more to do in the evenings. What do you think the resort could do?


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