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What Is Scaryvision?

Our annual Scaryvision event is back and this time it’s, well, exactly the same as usual. But for those who don’t know what this celebration is we’ve compiled this little blog post for you.

How did Scaryvision start?

A few years ago I wanted a way of celebrating scare events. I didn’t want to do awards that were chosen by a few experts or awards where everyone nominates every scare event they’ve ever visited or awards where people are bribed into giving them nominations like some famous movie awards are rumoured to do. Heck, I didn’t really want to do normal awards. Instead, I came up with a merge of the two in the loosest possible sense. Inspired by the biggest and campest public voting event in the world, Eurovision, I came up with Scaryvision. It’s a way of celebrating scare events and attractions around the country.

How Does Scaryvision Work?

We start by splitting the country into areas. Luckily a lot of this is already done in general given the whole concept of the North West and South East etc. After that (which we only had to do when it started) the team here at Parks, Scares and Glitter have the job off choosing which 6 events from those areas should be included. Sometimes it’s really easy as some areas only have six events but other times we actually have to sit and discuss it . Luckily the discussions usually only last about five minutes as we are a great team. After we’ve worked it out, we lost them alphabetically in each group, assign them a Facebook reaction and voila, it’s ready to go. Each day during Scaryvision we post an area and then let everyone vote for their favourite using the Facebook reactions. At the end of each day, the event with the most reactions move forward to the semi finals where they go through the same process again. The top 3 from each semi final will go head to head in the finale and we then get our winner. Events sometimes share it to try to get more votes and it’s just a fun interactive event that helps people find new events they may not know or just help celebrate events they love. And because Scaryvision only lists events, people can be celebrating each event for any number of reasons be it staff, effects, scares, bias. We have never seen Scaryvision as an award. It’s always been a celebration.

When will this years Scaryvision happen?

This years event will start earlier than usual and will start later this month with our first round starting on 1st March!

I hope this explains what our Scaryvision event is and we all really hope you will get involved and play along!


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