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What Type Are You?

In the 3 years we’ve been reviewing scare attractions properly, we have come to notice that there are so many different types of people and their reactions who visit scare attractions so we thought it would be fun to list of in this little for fun blog post the different ones and give them a funny name.

The Screamer

Every group has one, The Screamer. This is the person who will literally scream at every little thing. They will usually be the one who tries so hard to hide in the middle of the group but because they scream at every actor, animatronic, wall and leaf they meet, they become the target of the scares.

The Jumper

Like with The Screamer, The Jumper will react to everything but instead of screaming, they jump. They either go little jump or they go full on huge jump in the air, twirl and then smile because they found it funny.

The Hard Wimp

The Hard Wimp is my favourite. They will act like a proper hard person, like nothing can scare them. The minute they enter a scare attraction they become a wimp. They try to hide behind other people, they scream, they run and they generally hate the entire experience. The minute they are out, they go back to being a hard person and act like it wasn’t scary.

The Unbothered

These are the people who aren’t actually scared what so ever and don’t react to any of the scares happening. They are usually the ones at the front of the group as their friends usually force them to go first as they aren’t scared.

The Clinger

These are the people who are that terrified that they try and hide behind other people. They usually ae clinging on for dear life to someone else and if they get seperated from their group, they will run in any direction that looks less scary until they find someone else they can use as a human shield.

The Talker

Yep, these exist. I’ve actually done this myself without realising it. These are the people who seem to talk to the actors be it concious or unconsiously. Its a coping mechanism for those that are scared as they feel they can befirend an actor to make them less scary.

The Arsehole

This is basically anyone who disrespects an actor. They are usually the ones who swear abuse at the actors, hit the actors, try to distract the actors, basically any human being who has zero respect for the actors is an arsehole.

The Fan

The Fan is someone who just enjoys a good scare. They may get scared themselves, but they will always respect everything and just enjoy every single moment. They will admire the sets, the scares, the actors and will just generally be upbeat and positive.

There is our fun list of the different types of people who visit scare attractions. Which one are you? We’d love to know.


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