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With 2019 only a month away, it got us thinking. What do we want from 2019? This is such a big question as little is actually known about the things that are coming in 2019, but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to come up with a wish list of the things we would love to happen.

Embracing Pride!

This is something all the parks should do more. Theme parks are a place where I feel I can be me, but I do feel that they don’t do enough to target the huge LBGTQ+ community as a whole. There used to be Gay Days, which were special events that Gaydar used to hold at the parks, but these seemed to stop a couple of years after they started and nothing has happened since. I think 2019 would be a great year to embrace the community. I am very surprised that Thorpe Park haven’t jumped on the pride bandwagon yet, as it seems like the sort of thing that would be right up their alley given their target market! Plus, I am so desperate to see drag queens do Stealth, you have no idea!!!

Better Choice of Food

As a yo-yo dieter, Food is always high on my list. We love my food. Unfortunately, theme parks don’t like diets. The food offerings at most of the UK parks isn’t exactly what one could call healthy. Its hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips and all the crap that makes you fat(ter). We would love more parks to introduced healthier options for food at competative prices. We’d love a salad bar or a thing like Subway. As much as we love a good burger and sausage, it would be nice to have those options available if we wanted them. We’d also like to see more snacks that are Instagramable, but also taste good.

Shows and Live Entertainment

This is something the UK seems to fail miserably at. A lot of the European theme parks seem to deliver many different shows, yet the UK seem to be unable to do more than 1 per park and even then, its aimed at the small children. Whilst we understand that finances are an issue, it would be nice to have more shows or live entertainment around the parks, even if its just for a couple of weeks, or as part of an event. Its something people are interested in, if its right for the park. Take, for example, The Halloween show at Chessington World of Adventures. Everyone who visited Howl’O’Ween raved about the show and how great it was. Having watched some YouTube video’s off it, I can certainly see why everyone raved about it and think its something parks need to consider doing on a more regular basis. I’d love to be able to sit, eat some food and watch a show happen.

More TLC

This one is a slow burner. Its been happening for years, and parks are fully embracing refreshing worn out looking things, but there is still a long way to go to bring the parks back to the amazing standards they once used to have. We understand that this can’t be done overnight, so this one is more of a keep up the good work as it really doesn’t go unnoticed and we’d love to see them continue this amazing work. Look how amazing the Nemesis creature looks after 3 years of TLC. So we’d love to see more of this happen.

There probably are other ‘wishes’ that are out there, but these are the 4 that come to mind immediately whenever we get asked what we hope to see.


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