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Zombie Infection: The Courthouse Review

So after an easyish 2hr drive from Surrey to West Bromwich, I found myself back in the car park where I was 3yrs ago. This only means one thing, I was was going back to my first ever location and experience of a zombie event and where I got bitten by the bug of doing zombie events. I was back at Zombie Infection: The Courthouse and it’s all set in an old 18th century courthouse.

The synopsis is ” In a post apocalyptic world where the virus has spread throughout the population, where the aquatic quarantine trenches are the only barriers between you and the aggressive virus, fear not! You are invited for your annual booster vaccine at this 18th Century Courthouse now a top Harvetech purification center, Harvertech being the bio tech firm that first found a cure for the virus known as the Progenitor virus. You’ll be welcomed by our top Havertech physicians and made right at home for the duration of your stay… but quickly things won’t quite go to plan as you’re thrown into a story that will have you fighting alongside a post apocalyptic rebel group (The Infection Rebels) as you try to save their colleagues, expose Harvertech and the unethical work they are carrying out and rid the world of the deadly infection. This is a two hour non stop event from the moment your safety briefing is over your thrown right into it. It has a mixture of escape room elements, immersive theatre, high tech guns (so you can shoot those infected zombies) and special effects and some surprises to.” So I was beyond excited to get back here as I absolutely loved this event the very first time I did it.

So let’s take you on my adventure to expose Harvertech, stop the deadly infection and fight the zombies with the rebels. All of sudden I found myself waiting outside this beautiful old building, outside these big blue doors, where we were greeted and welcomed by our host for the event. We read the safety waiver and signed it and then we were taken into the building entrance where we lined up against the wall. The girls stuck together on one side and the lads were on the other side of me and we were told the health and safety speech and the rules were set out. This is an incredible building but very old too. Then the lovely lady took us to a set of stairs, wished us luck and left us. Now I’m going to keep this mainly spoiler free but there will be a few minor spoilers.

For the next two hours we were fully immersed into this incredibly well told story. We were fighting along side the rebels and shooting the crap out of zombies and running for our lives. We worked together to stop Harvertech and to expose them, save our captured colleague and stop the infection. Now after doing this 3 years ago there were a few changes in the story. Its like the story had evolved which was nice to see. I absolutely loved this event even more. This building was absolutely massive. We got lost in it many times, running around and it’s beautiful and I was completely sucked in an immersed to the story and for those two hours you completely forgot where you was, which is why I loved it so much. Did I mention there’s a lot of running around in the event lol. Those rebels don’t hang around when it comes to fighting the zombies, saving their friend and stopping Harvertech.

I must say the way the rebels come in, it’s pure organised chaos which is brilliant as you genuinely have not a clue what’s going on. The zombies are wild and some of the most aggressive I’ve seen and all at different stages of infection. The guards you meet were incredibly intimidating and set the story up well. I must mention before I finish up, everyone you meet fully made you part of the story and you were never able to just blend into the background. You were part of the story and involved. They never broke character or slowed down.Dr Chase and her trainee Dr Brandy were great as they set the story perfectly and really got every one involved. Two comments had us in stitches. One where Dr Brandy saw we left the door open so said ‘don’t worry I’ll get the door 😂’ and Dr Chase’s comment of ‘Dr Ding Dong’ 😂 but they were incredibly serious while they made the comments. These two were fantastic and they had our group laughing with their banter and really set the false sense of security, loved these two. The guards who were intimidating and scary and shut us all up as were to scared to say a peep, to the rebels who lead us around and helped us fight the zombies. They really got us all involved, I even at one point had to be a zombie 😂🤷‍♀️things I do to save us all. They lead us brilliantly, not one person in our group was left out, they made sure we all took part and knew what we were doing and were brilliant.

Then to the incredible and I must say some of the wildest and crazy zombies I’ve seen for a very long time. They came out of no where and I mean no where. Just when you thought you were safe they popped out. They had most of our group running for our lives and shitting ourselves. I’ve never had to shout at a group of lads who were scared to shut up and be quiet and to follow me as we had Big Red on our case. The scares they gave were so good and inventive and they definitely went down once we shot them!

I absolutely loved this event. It’s one of my favourites. It was the whole package from the begging to end and it was non stop. The story was fantastic, the zombies were terrifying, the scares you got were brilliant and the characters you met and got involved with were fantastic and some of the best I’ve seen. I finished the event wanting to do it all over again and full of excitement, joy and had a massive smile on my face. So if you can get to their events it’s so so worth it and it’s something you won’t forget for a long time.

I just want to say a massive thank you to the team involved with Zombie Infection The Courthouse and a massive thank you to the actors


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