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I’m sure you all know, but October is coming, and that’s when everyone becomes Halloween crazy. Scare attractions start to open, shops begin to get costumes and decorations and the nights start to drawer in naming it gets darker earlier, but, how do i get into full on spooky mode?

Booking Scare Attractions

This one is the obvious place to start. For any Halloween head, October means scare attractions And this means for many that Halloween starts in August/September when you start looking for places to visit to be scared shitless. The UK is full off wonderful scare attractions, so the scary bit comes in choosing what ones you’re going to visit. This year we are taking a chilled approach to this. We aren’t visiting many places because A. Amber is working at one and B. I’d rather spend time celebrating the season with my friends as opposed to going all out. So even though we ent visiting many, the ones we will visit will be amazing (hopefully).


Again, this is an early starter for me because planning the best costume takes time. I dress up for TowersTimes Scaremazing event, so I won’t tell you what I’m dressing up as all will be revealed, but I get into the spooky spirit by looking at costume ideas and all the makeup and fake blood. It really helps to feel spooky.


Yes, food. Every year, supermarkets become stocked with Halloween themed things. Some go for just changing a name, while others go for changing flavours. Either way, I love it. I get so fat during spooky season purely because I can’t resist a bit of themed food (except pumpkin spice but see lower down).

Hocus Pocus

Without doubt the best way to feel spooky is to watch a film and for me it’s Hocus Pocus. This film never fails to get me feeling spooky. It’s wonderfully camp and who doesn’t love The Sanderson Sisters. The legends that are Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are all amazing and it’s just a fun, spooky film. #Obsessed.

American Horror Story Apocalypse

You can always tell that October is near when FOX starts airing the latest series of American Horror Story. This year is the much awaited crossover between Murder House and Coven and I’m so excited. The trailers look amazing and with the return of some of my favourite characters, I know I’m going to enjoy it!

Hatred of Pumpkin Spice

This one is weird I will admit. I get into the spooky season because of my hatred of pumpkin spice. It literally is everywhere and it’s only the indie people who get excited about it and it results in me screaming on social media about how much it just sucks. Pumpkin spice should not exist. It makes everything horrible and there is a special place in hell for it.

And that’s why October is just the fucking best month in the year!


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