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A Haunting On West Street - Room Escape Southend

So once again I found myself on my way to Southend, with my good friend Tim, to experience Room Escape Southend’s latest rooms. Our first room was A Haunting On West Street with a Christmas twist. Christmas is in trouble. Did we (that’s me and Tim) have what it takes to face the evil Christmas Spirit and restore peace with all new clues, a new story and some suprising new twists. Now there was just two of us, so we had our work cut out. We were welcomed by our lovey host. We were told when we arrived about the story and how we had to try and save Christmas. We had an awful lot to do but would we escape?

So let’s begin where we entered the hallway to the house. We then got of to a great start getting through our first few tasks quite quickly. Our host gave us a helping hand when we needed it. We had a range of tasks to complete to save Christmas ranging from puzzles, padlocks, keys, to cryptic clues, balls, ducks, logic, piano playing and singing lol. (Tim has a thing about checking the carpets for clues). This was not made easy for us at all, as in between working out clues, padlocks (I’m terrible at padlocks as we found out, I was doing one backwards at one point) puzzles etc Krampus would be lurking around, scaring the livening day lights out of me, much to our hosts amusement. At some points we got such a fright. I ended up hitting poor Tim (sorry again), threw a block of wood and jumped into Tim’s lap 😂 and an awful lot of swearing and jumping. At one point my balls dropped aha so to speak and there was a lot of balls trust me, But after all that we worked it all out, played the piano and sang jingle bells to save Christmas. Not the best duetting pair but we escaped with 7mins spare yay! We did not expect to escape at all but we did and we did it as a two, go us. We are getting much better at them :D.

This room was honestly so so much fun. We laughed, we shouted at each other, got confused and found out I’m good at making puzzles but not good at coded padlocks lol and we screamed. So many funny moments from this room and I loved this room we and was a great way start to my Christmas and got me in the mood for it. We had such a blast doing this room. Never have I laughed so much in an escape room, but then next minute screaming, terrified, while trying to work it all out. Honestly, get to these guys if you can and do this room, it’s so much fun and scarey. It runs till the 20th January and I’ll most definitely be doing their next room, The Chapel, as it sounds likely to be the scariest room yet. Once again thank you Room Escape Southend, you guys never disappoint when we come and see you and your rooms are amazing and you can see the amount of effort and time they put into their rooms too! It really does pay off and to think they change their rooms so fast to. I can’t wait to get back to these guys :) thanks for welcoming us once again.


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