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8 Horror Escape Rooms Not To Be Missed

Escape rooms have boomed across the country in the past few years and with them have come a plethora of different themes, one of which is horror, our favourite, and in todays blog post we are going to give you eight horror escape rooms that you we can't recommend enough! (Based on rooms we've played)

The Acid Bath Murderer at Hounds Immersive Experiences

A relatively new room that only opened towards the end of December and it has already been wowing guests. Escape room and immersive entertainment collide to bring the true story of Crawley's most heinous murderer to life. You'll journey through key moments of his life, uncover his twisted beginning and have fun whilst doing it. Its creepy, it has jump scares and an incredible live actor that really helps delve you into his dark world. For more info and to book tickets you can visit the Hounds website.

Fear at Project Mayhem

We found Fear completely by accident. We were looking for an escape room to play in Lincoln and found Project Mayhem and boy are we glad we did. They focus on horror rooms and have three in their arsenal but Fear is by far the scariest. Featuring a dark, murderous setting, you are thrown into the hideout of a serial killer where one of your friends has been taken, leaving you trapped and needing to get out. The room features a live actor that really brings the terror in the best possible way. Its definitely one of the scariest rooms in the UK. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Project Mayhem website.

Abducted at The Great Escape Game

Abudcted is another horror room that we recommend that is in both Leeds and Sheffield. Yes its got the usual horror setting of a dimly lit building that a serial killer is hiding in but what separates Abducted from the rest of the games on this list is that this is the only escape room where you will be physically manhandled. You need to sign a waiver and you will be grabbed and moved. Its also the only room on our list that offers personalisation. Its scary, its challenging, but its a great way to spend a few hours. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Great Escape Game website.

Phobia at Paralysis Escape Rooms

Take a trip to Hanley in Stoke on Trent and you will find Paralysis Escape Rooms. Home to three rooms, Entity , Feast and the one we have chosen to feature Phobia. Phobia takes you downstairs into the cellar of the building and into the lair of the infamous Riser Kane. A dank, dark and musty space, that holds a series of devious puzzles to try and conquer in order to escape the clutches of the aforementioned murderer. The room uses some great tricks to create some unique puzzles as well as the classic key collection route too. All whilst trying to keep your wits about you that Riser Kane might arrive at any time too. If you wish to book into Phobia or gain any more information you can do so on the Paralysis Escape Rooms website.

The Morgue Extreme at The Escape Goat

Technically this is a special version of The Morgue that runs on selected dates in Kent, but we are choosing to feature the extreme version because it adds a live actor which heightens the terror. The actor element really adds to the experience as you do have to hide from them throughout your game. What makes this one slightly different is that he knows where you hide and will actively seek out the places and get really close to you and to add to the experience, the lights do tend to go out when the actor is there so you don't actually know where they are until they are right there. It's got some great puzzles and it all comes together in a really nice experience. For more information and to book tickets you can visit The Escape Goat website.

The Butcher at Escapologic

Escapologic in Nottingham are home to some pretty awesome escape rooms, two of which have horror vibes, but for us The Butcher just pips Howitz to our list. The game is full of scares from start to finish and with the anticipation being built from the beginning, right up until the end, its understandable why many people have safeworded this room. There's a great mix of story telling, puzzles and scares so its definitely worth a visit. For more information or to book tickets you can visit the Escapologic website.

The Watcher at Xscream Escapes

The Watcher at Xscream Escapes in Staines is one of those rare rooms that comes along and just blows you away for all the right reasons. This room has some really clever puzzles, some great sets and some shocking surprises throughout the game which all come together to create an experience that is very enjoyable, terrifying and just fun. Its 60 minutes of scary joy that all culminate to a great finale. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Xscream Escapes website.

Seance at Engima Escapes Wakefield

Seance in Wakefield is a really fun room that any scare enthusiasts would enjoy. It has got some really awesome jump scares and some fabulous sets that collide to create a really fun room. Its puzzles aren't the most taxing, but in horror rooms that isn't a bad thing as most players are likely to be normal players and not scare or escape enthusiasts, but it more than makes up for it with the scares. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Enigma Escapes website.

There are so many escape rooms out there and some really awesome horror ones, but these are the ones that we just had the most fun in. Obviously this is our personal opinions and others may have different opinions to us.


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