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Anubis - Cluedini Darlington Review

After failing quite tremendously at the first Egyptian themed escape room I experience I have since been trying to stay away from them for fear that I would fail again but when my friends decided they wanted to do Anubis at Cluedini in Darlington it was time to confront the Egyptian gods once more and try to not suffer their wrath or fail.

We arrived and were greeted by our friendly host Alex who gave us the usual rundown of what to expect from the room and the usual health and safety. We filled in the contact form and picked our team name. We chose Drunk, Stoned, Stupid, UNO! as our team name as we had played the two card games recently and couldn’t think of anything else. We were led up stairs to Anubis and the game had started.

The game is in one big room and from the minute you enter you notice the sarcophagus and the walls lined with so many hieroglyphs. It’s a very pretty room. There was a mix of puzzles throughout the room each with different difficulty. I’m not going to go into detail about the puzzles but what I will say is this is probably the most mentally demanding room by Cluedini I’ve done. You really had to work for the answers but it didn’t feel like it was too hard or too challenging. It was just the right amount of work for each puzzle. One thing I have noticed with all the Cluedini rooms (I’ve done 3 of the 4 on offer) is that they are very lock heavy but the locks are different styles from direction to number to letter so it does still provide some variety. The puzzles in Anubis are different to the ones found in Blitz and Hex so you can still very much enjoy each room without repeating yourself.

Overall Anubis was a great room with some really fun puzzles and we had a great time. Did we escape? Of course we did, but it was very very close. We escaped in 56 minutes and 47 seconds. I just want to say thank you to Alex for being a great host and only giving us 2 small nudges along the way. Review for Hex will be coming shortly as we did it the same day too!


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