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C.R.E.W At Co-Decode Swindon Review

After playing Sub Terra by Co-Decode, they hinted that they were working on a new room and the day finally arrived when their new room opened. I had seen a few social media posts advertising the space themed room with an emphasis on cooperation. All will be revealed below.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

The room is a four player room and each person will take on a specific role, from Tactician to Engineer, Captain to Pilot, there is a role for everyone. The room is themed to a space shuttle simulator and the idea of the room is to solve puzzles to earn points. The more points you get the higher you get on the leader board, so in essence it’s an escape room meets an arcade.

We arrived and were greeted by our host and owner Alex. He explained a bit about how the room works and then dropped the bombshell that we were the first public group to play the new room so we had no score to beat as we were setting the score to beat. He then led us to the room. The room is probably one of the smallest rooms I’ve ever been in for an escape room but it works for the theme and style of puzzles this room has.

I was the captain so I took my place at the captains console and the others took their places at their consoles. Each console has team related sections and then you also have a solo puzzle you have to solve during the warp jumps. The warp jumps happen between each big puzzle and every big puzzle requires a different lead person so everyone gets the chance of taking centre stage.

The way the puzzles work in Crew means your team needs great communication skills and you really do need to work as a team to achieve as many points as possible. The different types of puzzles add a challenging element to an already unique experience and the big group puzzles are really fun. There is no physical puzzles as such (except for a hand crank which may or may not have to get used). The puzzles are all button or switch or dial related and require no padlocks or keys. It’s really quite hard to describe the game in full as so much actually happens in the 90 minutes and it’s definitely one of those rooms where you have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate it. But how did we do, that is the question.

Our 90 minute game came to an end and our final score was revealed as 164,150. We think it’s good but until others play it we don’t know if it is or not. What I will say about Crew is that it is without doubt one of the more unique rooms I’ve experienced and it will test you in the right way and definitely put friendships to the test. Thank you so much Co-Decide for hosting us.

For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Co-Decode website.


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