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Carfax - Cave Escape Nottingham Review

A couple of weekends ago for a weekend trip we decided to visit Cave Escape in Nottingham. This location actually uses the cave system underneath Nottingham and is currently home to two escape rooms. Their original, and the room we undertook, Carfax, and their new room, Monuments.

No spoilers as the description of the room can be found on their website. Carfax is based on the tale of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the rooms they utilise truly immerse you in the setting.I and three friends found ourselves being led down into the caverns and into the room dubbed as ‘The Demeter’. The theming really did make us feel like we were on a ship. The puzzles used were both clever and came hand in hand with the premise, and some were deceptively simple as one of our members could embarrassingly tell you.

I won’t go into detail about what happens after, as the story certainly unfolds in unexpected ways, and you really have to try it yourself to experience how immersive the location is for the story that is told. I also need to credit the game master for how well she and the game interacted with each other. Her timing was spot on for some of the interactions, and even startled a few of the more flighty ones.

Call us perfectionists, but we manged to escape in a time of 50 minutes on the dot. And team: Them Pesky Kids didn’t miss the opportunity for a dressed up victory photo.

Here at PSG we would like to give our thanks to Cave Escape for the truly entertaining game they provided. And also to the readers to hopefully be inspired to try any of the activities that we review on!


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