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Chronos-Escapologic Nottingham

Back in April Dan and Dane headed to Escapologic in Nottingham to take on the latest room to their extensive catalogue of games. In the past, we had taken on nearly all of the rooms with the exception of Immaterium and Heistakes. Escapologic is a brand known for superior escape rooms such as the horror-themed Butcher and Howitz, the adventurous Robin of Lockskey , Contraption and EPICentre to the mind-boggling Curio. But we were there to try out the latest room in the collection named Chronos.

This room tells a tale of a Victorian laboratory, a secret society of some of the world's best minds, and a mysterious experiment known as Chronos. But in recent times Elizabeth Palamate's creation has become dangerously unstable leading to a potential breakdown of time, Our job was to enter the lab, discover Chronos and retrieve the power so the powers that be can dispose of it in the best suitable way. However, on entering the lab time has increased speed and we now have but 1 hour to find Chronos or be lost in time forever. Sounds intriguing eh?

Our gamemaster was the one and only Pagan, the epitome of excellence and professionalism, who as always, brought the story and narrative to life and provided guidance where needed without the feeling of hand-holding throughout the game. The room itself is a stunning piece of immersive art designed by the masterful minds of Escapologic with collaborative construction from Area 51 with no detail left out.

From bubbling bottles and alchemical symbols to inspired machinery that took us back to the days of the Crystal Maze. I think for a good 2 minutes we were standing just taking the room in with all of its sights and intrigue, not a good plan when there are only 2 of us taking on the challenge and for us, it was the first time playing the game just us two.

Very aware that the clock was ticking our time away, we split up and set to work on the challenges ahead. Chronos has a range of clever puzzles and tricks up its sleeve. From tasks of dexterity and determination to simply following orders that will make you kick yourself hours later. Chronos is a game of collection, in particular a number of orbs that are artfully transported around the room. Although Chronos is not the largest of rooms there is plenty going on to keep you invested in this fantastic space.

One of the tasks in particular that involves a lot of pipework will make you really question if the game is possible but persevere and we promise you will succeed. There is such a sense of achievement when you collect an orb and put it in place spurring you on to collect more. This feature we especially loved was when you see the orb "release". Working away from each other was definitely the key to our success and if you are in a smaller group we implore you to do the same. The game looking back was without a doubt, for us at least one of our favourite non-scary escapes, if not the favourite. We had such a great time exploring the room/rooms which ultimately lead to our escape with 2 minutes to spare.

We would like to thank the entire team behind Escapologic, they truly are masters at the craft of escape room creation and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Will it be a new horror experience or something for the family market, Who knows? What we do know is that we can say with great conviction that whatever comes next it will be a creation of perfection, intrigue and challenge.

If you wish to book Chronos or any of the other rooms on offer then you can do so at the link below.


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