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Co-Decode Swindon - Sub Terra Review

Sorry theme park enthusiasts this isn't a blog post or review about Alton Tower's Sub Terra ride. This is however a review for Co-Decode's Sub Terra escape room which we got to play at the weekend. Located 5 mins (Driving distance) from Swindon train station is this award winning escape room. They have two rooms here in Sub Terra and Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette. We were here to play Sub Terra. You are investigative journalists looking into a tip about the mines being used for experiments and you are there to find the data that would reveal everything. Going into this room I knew nothing, not even that synopsis. I went in blind and I think that worked to my advantage.

When we arrived we were greeted by host and creator of Co-Decode Alex who ran through the usual health and safety stuff as well as explaining the room to us. He explained that our main task was to get out but there were side missions that were optional to complete. These were the 4 different discs of data. He explained to us that we didn't need to complete all the tasks and that it was entirely up to us how much we take on. He also explained that our games master for the room was Sofie and that she would be watching to make sure we didn't break anything or if we needed hints. He then told us to walk down the corridor and enter the green door.

Upon entering I was a bit taken aback by how small this initial room was. It was tiny. It was obvious that we would be unlocking the two shutter doors but how did we do it. That unfortunately we can't say as it would ruin the game. We watched the video explaining our task and then our 60 minutes had begun. There was only two of us taking on this room and we worked very as a team. We split of and did puzzles separately but kept in constant communication throughout the experience, helping each other when it was needed. The theming in the room was simple but really immersive. It genuinely felt like you were in a secret mine and the constant little noises going of really added to the immersion of the room. Something I did really enjoy was the vast variety of puzzle types. There really was something for everyone. From a 3D puzzle to code sequences to a really awesome electrical thing that I don't want to spoil but its great fun. The big thing I did notice about this room was that it was very electrical but none of it seemed out of place. It all had a purpose and reason for being there that made sense and wasn't just thrown in for the hell of it.

The 60 minutes flew by. At this point we had unlocked the exit and got 3 of the 4 data discs and were half way through inputting the last code for the last disc. Sofie was so nice and gave us an extra 2 minutes just to finish this last little bit which we got done in 10 seconds. We class this as a pass as it was only 10 seconds and we didn't ask for it be extended, we were offered, so to me that's a pass haha. Overall the room was fantastic. It was great fun, had a clever range of puzzles and just felt really well thought out. I was really impressed. I just want to say a huge thank you to both Alex and Sofie for an amazing experience and I will certainly be back for Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette.

If you are interested in this escape room you can find more information as well as tickets on the Co-Decode website.

Thank you for reading!


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