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On the 8th of February, we headed to Escapologic in Nottingham to take on another room from the repertoire of games they have on offer. We had already faced the scary rooms in the past "Butcher" and "Howitz" and we had recently escaped with the prize in "Robin of Lockskey" but how would we fair at one of the most unique games in the UK, Possibly even in Europe, the infamous and crazy Curio. Curio is one hell of a game that will keep you guessing where to go and what to do next all whilst being in a stunningly beautiful set. The game's narrative was relatively simple. A rich and eccentric billionaire Alexander Curio is a collector of many an item from around the world and his home is like a personal museum of these pieces. We take take the role of scheming robbers who have decided to break into his mansion to try and steal his most prized possession but in doing so have triggered off the security system of a mad man. We had but one hour until Alexander would return and one hour to reset the security and get out.

Potential spoilers ahead-Read at your own risk

Lead into Curio by our fantastic games master Pagan, The epitome of professionalism whilst still keeping an air of mystery, she told us the story of Curio and after the narrative and safety spiels were over she left us with one final piece of information When the door is on red Do not try to open it When it's on green you can. This is very important to the game and if you try, even by accident to do otherwise you might be told off in a rather fitting and effective fashion all in keeping with the theme of the game. Now if I was to give you a hint whilst still being vague, When it comes to Curio, Look everywhere, touch everything and leave no stone unturned. There is a lot to do with little time to do it, so to quote our fantastic games master. " Get a wriggle on" and get into a flow of the puzzles otherwise you might find yourself without enough time later on.

Before too long after solving some puzzles you will find out just what makes Curio so unique and special and rest assured this madhouse has one hell of trick up its sleeve but that's all that will be said on that front after all some things really need to be experienced blind in life. Curio will then start opening up to rooms outside of the main room and this is where you need to pick up the pace, these puzzles can very quickly sap your time and although they are quite simple once you know what you're doing, it is very easy to over complicate if you're not careful. It's so hard to review Curio in detail because there is so much that truly needs to be kept hidden to experience this amazing game at its fullest, If you go searching for spoilers then you will spoil it for yourself and honestly with Curio you don't want to do that. What we can say is true to its reputation it really is a unique and I believe a one of a kind escape room in Europe that has to be experienced to be believed, Every detail down to the last piece of paper has been carefully edited to create a room unlike any other. No attention to detail has been lost and you can tell straight off the bat why Curio is such a popular room. Another thing we learnt from Curio is not everyone suites hats... Lastly, we want to thank our games master Pagan for making the experience so special from start to finish, she is a true credit to the team.

Escapologic really is a hive of exemplary rooms and honestly, you should never hesitate to book as we can pretty much bet you will not be disappointed. Thank you to Pagan and the entire team for having us, we can't wait to come back again soon.

If you would like to Book Curio or one of the other rooms at Escapologic then you can do so at this link

Until next time PSG Signing out.


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