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Cursed Review 2019

This review is very late and i’m sorry about that. I’ve had quite a lot going on in my personal life, but its getting there, so I have finally been able to write a review for Cursed. Its a bit short and sweet and apologies no pictures. I’m still terrible at taking pics in the dark.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Cursed. This year they have 5 scare mazes and I was excited to try them out. Unfortunately there wasn’t any theming in the main area, but there was a lot of roaming actors to keep you entertained. For the night I joined along with the wonderful guys at Room Escape Southend. When you enter you meet a judge. It’s a fun way to get you in the spirit as he picks on people and cracks some jokes. He then sends you in to the first maze.

Safe Zone

As you can tell from the name it’s a zombie maze. It has a good mix of scares and theatrical moments. The actors in here really worked hard to provide the scares. They sent us down dead ends and were really quite relentless. Our group survived the Safe Zone and headed for The Sewers

The Sewers

Jesus Christ it stunk. Like really stunk. We entered the sewer and met the cannibals that loved there. As well as smelling bad, this maze was dark and had some very tight spaces, enhancing the theme. The maze had some really good scares and there was one particular scare where an actor came to life on the table that got me good.

The Haunting

This was our next maze and it was their equivalent of a hooded maze, without the hoods. Instead you were black out goggles. The scares were there but they just felt a bit weaker unfortunately and nothing really special happened in here, but the actors tried their hardest and I have to give them credit for it.


This was the stand out attraction to me. The sets, the costumes, the actors, it all worked perfectly. The scares were good and some were very creative. I screamed a few times.

The Institute

This was a good maze set in a prison. There was a photo opportunity before you entered which was a nice touch. The opening scene here was great. Throughout the maze there were good scares and lots of interactivity with the actors.

Overall Cursed is a great little event with some really attractions on offer. I want to give a personal shoutout to Jingles the clown who caught us as we came out of The Institute. Thank you to all the team involved for a great night!


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