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Darkfield - Flight Review 2020

Hi there, Dane here. So this is my first review for PSG and what a way to start it off, With FLIGHT by Darkfield on Sunday 16th February.

So Dan explained very very lightly about what kind of shows Darkfield put together, Mainly that they involve darkness, headphones and a shipping container which left my expectations quite wide on what sort of an experience this would be. Due to the nature of the show, it would be unfair to give spoilers away so instead of explaining what happened it think it would be better to explain how it made me feel.

On approach to the shipping container, I was surprised that it was just a shipping container, Literally nothing else around. I was excited and nervous as to what to expect. I liked the way the staff did the pre-briefing before being given our tickets aboard our flight, Sadly no duty free, snacks and was a bit miffed that we were designated into economy (Shudders). But true to what Dan said about the way Darkfield present their shows the interior of the container did not disappoint and was so far from its outer appearance. Not really a spoiler as it’s on the posters but you really do feel like you have boarded an airplane cabin complete with overhead baggage and tray tables.

20 or so minutes later I could say only one word, to sum up, my Flight experience, “WOW” just simply “WOW”. The level of detail and thought into the attraction really showed me just why Dan loves Darkfield so much. From the outer perspective, you would never guess just how immersive 20 minutes with this company could be and I can say with all honesty I can not wait to try Seance and Coma.

Side Not, This is Dan now

I knew what I was getting myself into when we booked after experiencing the amazing Seance with Amber 1 year ago in fact near about to this date. I knew the level of detail to be expected and I’m honestly still stuck on which of the two shows I place in the top. Seance and Flight both use similar tactics but mess with your head in such different ways. I would possibly say Seance was the slightly scarier of the two so far but Flight stays with you in such a different way to Seance so both have their stand out points. Now I just have to take on Coma which I await with high anticipation.

One final note, I just want to say a big thank you to our readers and the other members of the PSG Team for bringing my beautiful partner into our little family, It means so much to me I can’t tell you, Once again showing that here at PSG were are not just endeavoring to see all the Theme park and Scare community have to offer but also being strong advocates for diversity and acceptance which I feel falls under the Glitter category of our PSG Brand.


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