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Daylight Robbery at Cryptology Nottingham Review

This is going to be a hard review to write as we both succeeded and failed this room. With Daylight Robbery you have to get in, solve as many puzzles as you can in the time and then get out with the diamond you came to steal. We were so excited to experience this room as the premise of it sounded amazing and we love a chaotic room. The room has a minimum number of 4 but they will make exceptions for escape room enthusiasts if you ask nicely, so we did this room as a 3. When we arrived we were greeted by our wonderful host Cerys. She welcomed us and then led us down stairs to an actual bank vault. She explained how the game would play and then let us in.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The first room you come to is small but it has a couple of great starter puzzles to warm the team up. We unlocked the door to the laser room and whilst one person solves that we get ready to be let into the main vault. The door unlocks and we enter. The room is huge and it has so many locked areas. Its not often I enter a room and think "How in the hell are we going to do this". There is a lot to do. Straight away we were trying to solve the puzzles to unlock as much loot as we possibly could. The puzzles ranged from padlocks to physical to mathematical. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy. Some are so obvious that they are difficult too. The clue system works with the storyline of the room and the fact you have to scan your loot to get the value is a very unique thing in an escape room.

There are three extra rooms that you can open throughout the game that are technically optional with a fourth that contains the diamond you have to leave with. We quickly opened one of the additional rooms which contained many pieces of art as well as some additional unlockable cupboards and containers. The second room we manged to unlock with 5 minutes left of our game so we didn't get that long to explore this room unfortunately and the third room we failed to get into despite it being revealed when the game ended how easy it was to actually gain entry into the room. Honestly, I will kick myself for months to come about this. The diamond room you only get access to towards the end of the game and you only have 10 minutes to solve it and get the diamond. I can honestly say that it was probably the most alert and awake in an escape room i've been as we were determined to get this diamond and we did. We got out with our loot before the cops arrived too! but the question is how much of the 2.2 million did we escape with.

Before I tell you our score I must stress that this room was played as a team a three, less than their usual minimum requirement of the room which is four players and their average amount stolen is £685,299.05. We managed to steal £992,360.15 and we were exhausted after but it was incredible. It was such a fantastic room that was just a joy to play. We'd like to thank Cerys for being an amazing host and say thank you to Cryptology for this game.

For more information about Daylight Robbery and the other games they have to offers as well as to book tickets you can visit the Cryptology Nottingham website.


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