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Dino Deadlocked at M4 Escapes Review

There has been a real delay in writing this review. Due to many different reasons this review never got done and as such I finally getting around to wiriting it (about 3/4 weeks delayed). Located near Chippenham in Wiltshire, hidden away near a karting track lies M4 Escape. Playing home to two escape rooms, The Bunker and Dino Deadlocked, M4 Escapes doesn't look like much from the outside. It didn't give us high hopes but boy were we so wrong. Our group of two were there to play the dinosaur themed room Dino Deadlocked and all we knew about the room was its dinoaurs on a bus. The concept peaked our interest and we just wanted to know how they got on the bus to be honest. We met our host Sam who explained about the room, well I say explain, which she did, it was more like a big chat about our love of escape rooms with bits and bobs added in when we didn't get distracted. We've always found the better hosts are those who also share an enthusiasm for escape rooms.She led us out to the bus, opened the doors and our game had begun.

We were greeted by the interior of a single decker bus with two thirds of it being behind a gate we had to unlock. The bus has started to be overtaken by some foliage but we could still use all the scientific equipment. Withing a few minutes we opened the gate and unlocked the entire bus. computers, consoles, cages and incubators were just some of the equipment that greeted us. What then ensued was a game full of surpising puzzles, great theming, comic humour and technology that all came together perfectly to give us a game that we won't forget in a while. There was one deviously tricky puzzle that looks really easy on the outisde but its horrible on the inside and it took several attempts by both of us to solve this puzzle. There was also a very clever puzzle involving buttons and water, but that is all i'm going to say. All the puzzles build up and come together to create a very fun finale that i'm not going to spoil.

Dino Deadlocked is a very clever room and one that is worth not reading about too much in detail before visiting as it will ruin things. Best thing is to go in blind (Like with all escape rooms) and just enjoy the journey. And great news, we escaped in 53 minutes 36 seconds. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sam for being an amazing host and thank you to M4 escapes for Dino Deadlocked. We will be back to experience The Bunker soon!


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