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Escape From RMS Titanic - Houdini Escape Rooms Southampton Review

I had never heard of Houdini Escape rooms before, so when it was suggested that we do one of their rooms, I was unsure what to expect but was up for the challenge. They have multiple locations around the country and with Southampton closest we headed there and it seemed only apt to do the Titanic room. When we arrived we were greeted by the nicest host/games master who i'm so sorry but I don't remember his name. He is an absolute credit to the Houdini team. His passion and enthusiasm for his job was clear to see and he really made the whole experience, from checking in to escaping that much more fun and entertaining.

Anyway, We got there, checked in, chose our team name (Kate and Leo) and were taken to a cinema. Yep, you read that right. We were taken to a cinema. Here we watched a little movie (Thank god it wasn't Titanic as that would have been too long) that set up the room. We got a nice and unexpected little jump scare here and we were then led to our quarters on the ship. The game had begun. The difficulty on this room, according to their website is 3 out of 5, so a great room for beginners and those with some escape room knowledge and experience. We went into the room and I won't lie, my heart dropped. The room was tiny and I genuinely thought that it was all just in this one little room. Luckily I was so wrong from my initial reaction. The puzzles in this room were great. It felt like such a great way to start the game as there was a range of physical and mental puzzles that are perfect for all skill levels.

The puzzles got a bit more challenging and required a little more thought as the game went on and with more rooms and areas opening the whole experience just kept getting better and better. The time limit on the room is 90 minutes and we escaped in 65 minutes as a duo. What made this rooms so incredible was the little nods. There was everything you'd expect from a room themed to the titanic. But it wasn't until we came out of the room did we realise the lengths these guys went to with this room. It has so many references. From the way you have to get one of the items to the size of a corridor to even the temperature of a particular item.

Honestly, this escape room was so good and the more I think about it, even now, the more I can't help but fall in love with thank. Thank you Houdini for creating this room, its stunning. To book tickets for this room as well as any of the others in any of their locations you can visit the Houdini Escape Room website


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