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Escapologic - The Gateway Review

Escapologic is a name well known for horror escapes and highly themed escapes in general, With 2 UK locations being Nottingham and Leicester. Nottingham hosts a selection of rooms of which some we have already attempted those being the tense E.P.I. Centre(Escaped with 5 Minutes left), the downright devious and evil pitch-black Crypt-ic(Escaped with 2 Minutes Left) which has since been replaced with the Warhammer themed Immaterium, Honestly to date I still class Crypt-ic as one of the hardest games I have ever taken on. Escapologic also hosts some amazing horror rooms too. The dark demon toyshop Howitz (Escaped with 15 Minutes Left) and The fear-inducing horror showcase of 13utcher/Butcher (Locked in 30seconds from the exit) Honestly that’s still a bitter subject. But after facing the last two we were given the opportunity to take on Escapologics brand new horror escape in its sister location in Leicester.

Sadly COVID struck and the trip to the next escape was put on hold…Until Saturday 3rd October, The day we closed THE GATEWAY! (With 3 minutes to spare)

Escapologic in Leicester sits somewhat hidden at the corner of St Martins and Grey Friars, Honestly, if the boards weren’t outside it would be easy to walk by. After our now routine temp checks and hand sanitizing we were taken downstairs into the bowls of the property much like the Nottingham location although Leicesters descent has a slightly more trippy aspect of looking like the stairs have randomly appeared in the foyer of some grand house, Honestly, if you visit you will understand why as im not sure the image will do justice. But after descending, you will find the check-in desk where more COVID safe information will be given. (However, we do think this would have been a good time to explain The Gateway would not be operating with a scare actor as it states online. “Mr Moon was Mr Missed”.) Now as with most escape room reviews we have to keep it spoiler-free for obvious reasons.

The entrance into this particular game has been very cleverly created and shall we say the suburban facade was a very welcome start to the 1 Hour challenge. The story was laid out about the 1970’s house, The people that went missing and the dark entity that might be behind it. But most importantly that we were following in the footsteps of the paranormal investigation team that also have yet to be found. The first challenge was to turn on the light which would reveal a full lower house setting. Cold, Clammy and somewhat reminiscent of visiting your nan’s house mixed with The Enfield Haunting. The puzzles and challenges were so well thought out and true to Escapologics standards of fully fitting the theme of the room , Not just a puzzle for the sake of puzzle. From the use of Nordic futhark runes to full alchemical and spiritual sigils. Don’t get me wrong this was not an easy room by any means and the second to final section had us marooned for quite some time, the payoff however is how the scenes in these rooms change like a transformer and honestly you will not see these changes coming. The scares were well timed but left somewhat lacking that we never got to see the aforementioned Mr Moon especially as we all went into the room with assumption that he would make his self known by more than just bangs. I understand COVID can make a difference but even if just behind a mirror looking back or at the end of a corridor for just a second would have made all the difference. That all aside The Gateway is an amazing room and the finale “If you reach it” Is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in an escape room to date.

We always look forward to what Escapologic brings to the table, especially when it is horror-themed. I cant wait to see what comes next in the arsenal of their anthology of fear.

Rest assured though that Escapologic will still provide an amazing game with or without the actor and also to COVID Safe Standards.

Thank you for giving us the chance to experience The Gateway and eagerly await our next adventure.

Until Next Time



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