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Everyone’s First Scare Attraction

When it comes to scare mazes and scare attractions, we all have to start somewhere and we seem to be able to remember our first scares like they were yesterday. With this in mind, I asked a simple question on social media, what was your first scare attraction and how did it make you feel, and here is everyones answers.

@The_Theme_Scene – First one I remember vividly was Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Ghost Train in about 198….. The Tumbling tower of stone that ‘leans/falls/ towards you. Oh aand the laughing man

@TheZappomatic – 5th Dimesnion. I was maybe 4/5. I cried and refused to board. Eventually I loved it. And yes, at that age 5th Dimension is a scare attraction

PSG’s Dom – Mine was The London Dungeon when it was on Tooley Street. I was terrified and was shaking. Hated it after but still went and did attractions at Fright Nights

Lauren Campbell – Pasaje Del Terror when I was 13, cried like a bitch

Andy Longmore – Terror of the Towers Bloodfest Banquet. I got the bug for it from then onwards

Stephen Bloomberg – Bloomberg’s Tomb of Terror or something like that at Flamingoland in the late 90s. I was about 15/16. I loved it, but it scared the crap outa me too. I remember going back year after and nearly chickening out coz I remembered how scared I was the year before 😂

PSG’s Pagan – Mine was sub species 2016, got to go through as I was acting in terror that year, so got the staff version 😅 nearly cried

Jordan Cobb – The haunting of Molly Crowe. I know this maze got mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it and it eased me into the other mazes. The finale was amazing too and so well done

Emili Peake – I took a group of girl guides (yes, I’m a responsible leader) to Scare Kingdom. The point where I realised it wasn’t the best idea was when there was a guy with a chainsaw in their faces 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ben Ferris – Creepy Cottage at Tulleys Farm about 10 years ago. We were all absolutely terrified but for some reason I wanted to keep going back through

Hollyfairweather_ – Hallowscream. Loved it so much I’ve worked for them since 🎃

PSG’s Amber – Saw Alive Meine was saw alive, funny story about the very first time I did it I only got to the first room lol, then jumped in with experiment 10 it was 2010. So I’ve been doing scarey stuff for 10yrs lol 😂

Amy Elizabeth Duggan – The Haunted Castle or something similar on the 192 in florida when I was 13… I was DETERMINED I was brave enough to go in ALONE. I bailed and had to be escorted out by an actoe. The shame.

PSG’s Dan – The Sanctuary -My first as many will know was The Sanctuary,Before i Went in I was very apprehensive as I went alone and when at batching our group was 4 people with me at the front so it was a baptism of fire moment right there, The light went green and we met with Dr.Kelman and I still remember him knocking on that door,pushing through and entering into the dim lamp lit day room,feeling nervousness as i had to push through each door and curtain. Leaving The Sanctuary …well I was just stunned and amazed at what id just gone through, So much I went straight back round and did it all again and the rest was history from then on in.

Eva Andrews – I actually think it was Thorpe Park Fright Night 2017

PSG’s Dane – Pasaje – Well I felt excited looking forward too, when inside I felt scared but enjoyed every minute off it. Enjoyed each section off it, enjoyed getting chased near the end.

Naomi Watson – Emili Peake took me to Scare Kingdom on Valentine’s day! We went round twice and I’ve been in love with the place ever since 🥰

@kitchxo – The sanctuary. I was terrified and quickly moved into deep fascination! Fell in love with it so much I went onto 6 years of acting & show captain-Ing in the industry!

Tara Kelly – Denise Kelly took me to Scare Kingdom when I was like 10, being chased through a field by a man with a pumpkin head and chainsaw absolutely terrified me.

Scare Directory’s Steven – Probably something at Thorpe and was forgettable. First one I can remember was Fear Factory in Queenstown, NZ. I went round solo and I was terrifed and so nervous all the way through as I had the full attention of the actors from beginning to end with no let up.

@SanctuaryNurse – This probably doesn’t count but it does to me lol. We used to have an adventure playground me and my sister went to when we were young and they had a maze in there called The Spooky Maze (Original) and it was pitch black in there but some kids would hide and jump scare you

dawudahmed14 – Slaughter House Yorkshire Scare Grounds.

@chrismcg47 – Pasaje Del Terror at Blackpool…. How did I feel? It ripped my nerves out, still do it again every time I visit and drag my friends through it as well

@spookboi97 – Technically it was the London Dungeon and I was TERRIFIED but I loved it. My first proper one where they scare you shitless was Pasaje Del Terror and its still my number 1 to this day

@Leesearle99 – So Fort Amherst (2016) was officially my first attraction. Maze wise it was The Big Top (2017 not that i’m biased but what a maze to start me off on). Its the reason i’, insanely hooked in the scare industry!

Thank you to everyone who let us know on our social media accounts what their first scare attractions were. Its been so great to read them all!


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