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First Ever Trip To Blackpool Pleasure Beach

So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally popped my BPB cherry. I braved the 6 (but actually 7) hour travel time to go and visit this iconic seaside park. One thing I have come to realise is that everyone lies about the place, or, I just had completely the opposite experience to everyone else, either way, everything I had expected Blackpool to be like was falsely built up.

We started our day waiting for the park to open at the front of the queue as that’s what enthusiasts do. When it was time to open and the characters outside had enough of entertaining everyone we entered and straight away I felt like I had walked into the twilight zone. I’m so used to walking into a park and then having to walk a small hike to get to the rides, but you literally turn the corner and they are there! It completely confused the hell out of me. Our first ride of the day was Nick Streak, which, although tamer than some of the other wooden coasters, was actually a great way to start the day.

We then went to Icon. Icon is actually a great load of fun. I never at any point felt bored or dull while riding it. Dare I say it? Yes I do. I think Icon just beats Wicker Man for me. Icon has the perfect blend of thrills and fun. It may not be themed too much, but it genuinely is such a fun coaster and one I would happily ride over and over again. We did. I think we did 4 rides in total. Thank you speedy pass! Yes, i speedy passed, don’t @ me.

We did all the other coasters except Steeple Chase and the blue woodie in Nickelodeon Land. Avalanche is such an underrated coaster amongst UK enthusiasts. It’s just a lot of fun. Revolution and Grand National can go burn in Hell and die a horribly painful death. They are just awful to ride. Big One and Big Dipper, I have the creds, so I’m happy, but won’t hurry to go back on them. Everyone knows the rumour, Infusion is rough as fuck and everyone detests riding it because it’s an SLC and because every SLC is rough. Well I’m calling bill shit on this. On the day I visited, I left Infusion until the end as I wasn’t wanting to go through the rumoured beating. Leaving it late was either an unexpected positive or I’m just lucky, but this coaster surprised me. It was not rough! I repeat, it was not rough. I actually came off it feeling better than I do the two B&M inverted coasters. I had no nausea, no headache, no dizziness. Did I just ride the same coaster as what others class as one of the UKs roughest? Maybe people just hate on it for no real reason, either way, I feel like this lie is just a load of twoddle!

There is an attraction that needs so much more love than it gets purely because no one ever talks about. River Caves! Wow! It’s possibly the best themed ride in the country. The theming in here may be old but wow is it super impressive. I was going round properly gob open stunned! It’s just beautiful! If you do any other ride at BPB that isn’t the coasters than I recommend this or my new love, Valhalla. I have to mention Valhalla purely because it was a water attraction I’ve been dying to ride and I finally have. It lived up to my expectation and I’m so happy I got to experience it.

If you’ve read this far than congratulations. You have survived my randomness. I weirdly enjoyed my visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I don’t quite know what I was expecting from my visit, but it’s both lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I wish I could have done more flats but me with spinning isn’t great, but the coasters there can and should be split into two categories. You have the great rides and then the rides that want to kill you. Thank you for having me Blackpool. Also before I end. The staff here are fantastic. They are so friendly. P.S Wallace and Gromit is fantastic!


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