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From Team Wuss To Facing It Alone

I will be brutally honest, I never used to like scare attractions. The idea of them used to make me feel so nervous that I avoided them for years. My first ever scare attraction was The London Dungeon when it was on Tooley Street and I hated it. I was so scared, nervous and jumpy that I don’t actually recall any part of it. A few years later I was then dragged into Thorpe Park’s Saw Alive maze. I closed my eyes, i screamed. Again I hated it, but wasn’t going to waste the money I had spent on maze tickets, so also braved The Asylum and Experiment 10. The only things I remember about The Asylum was the chain link fence, a small person running around and the insane strobe lights. It was completely mental and I hated it. I tried so hard to try to enjoy it but I couldn’t. Next came Experiment 10 and I was shitting myself. I had heard the rumours about being split up and i basically panicked and dragged my brother into the cubicle with me I hated it so much.

Two years later I went to Scarefest. I went for the night rides, I won’t lie. But my brother thought it would be fun to do the scare mazes. I said I would do for no reason what so ever. This was when The Boiler House and Carnival of Screams were both in the Black Hole tent. First up was The Boiler House and Fuck Me. I have never been so scared in all my life. The darkness, the creepiness, The Hamble Twins. No no no no no. It was hell. My brother came out with huge finger marks on his shoulder. None the less,we did Carnival of Screams. I thought it would be less scary. I was right. It was more fun than scary, but when it did get scary I didn’t like it. Doing all those scare attractions basically put me right of Scare Attractions.

For some reason though, I made my first ever TowersTimes event the first ever Scaremazing one. What was I thinking! The day started out with a talk and then some coasters. I was nervous of everyone and everything so I didn’t stay with the main group for the day but met back up for the exclusive bits. When it came time to do the mazes, I wussed out and went with what was nicknamed Team Wuss to Ice Age. I actually felt really embarrassed for being such a wimp but I said to myself that this would change. The next year the first scare event on the calender was SouthPark’s Scaremazing South event. I had said to myself that I would do them, so the night before, myself and three really good and supportive friends helped me face my fear. First up was Studio 13. I was scared and I screamed like a girl, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Next up was Saw Alive, which again, didn’t seem as bad. Then it was one of two mazes that I was really nervous about, Cabin In The Woods. I knew that it was free roam and had no idea how bad it would be. I screamed, I got lost, I was shaking, but most importantly I was laughing. I actually enjoyed it. This was the moment when I realised that scare attractions weren’t scary.

Since that moment I’ve really been enjoying scare attractions more and more and my confidence in the attractions has been getting better and better. I have even done 3 of Thorpe Park’s Face It Alone, all of which were insane, especially when TTSP took over The Big Top for one. It was bonkers and amazing. A personal thank you to all those who helped me get to the face it alone. Its the most extreme I will get I think, but who knows. Since that light switch moment I’ve been trying to expand the number of attractions I visit and the types of attractions I visit and i’ve enjoyed every single one. I think once you get used to the way they work and understand that nothing will actually hurt you, you look at them in a different, more loving way.


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