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Ghost Stories Play Review 2019

On Friday last week, Amber and I went and watched Ghost Stories The Play. Having not seen the film, which is based on the play, I went in spoiler free. Amber has seen it before, but remained silent, for once

As you enter the main theatre area the corridors leading to it are themed with tape and lights. Upon entering the theatre you see a stage curtain with “Safety Curtain” written on it. Up the sides of the stage are more tape and and black lining. It really sets a spooky scene.

We took our seats and the play begun. I won’t say anything else about what the story entails. Just note that once the doors shut, if you leave, you won’t be allowed back in. The play itself is brilliant. It build the tension and you get so engrossed in the story that each scare, each noise, they hit you hard. I have never watched anything and jumped so much in my life. I have to mention how amazing the cast are. Simon Lipkin, Preston Nyman, Richard Sutton and Garry Cooper all did an amazing job! They work so hard to bring this play that they need a special mention purely because they are fantastic. They never once messed up or lost character. It was amazing. Also a massive shoutout to the people who work behind the scenes setting the scenes up. It takes a lot of work to do that so thank you for being so on it!

Overall, and remaining entirely spoiler free, this is a one of a kind play that really brings the scares! We can not recommend going to see this enough. It simply is a truly terrifying yet fun night out! Thank you again to everyone involved in the show! It’s amazing!


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