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Gift Ideas For Christmas

Yes, I said the C word, I'm sorry. But with the festive season fast approaching, I've put together a little gift guide for some gift ideas for a theme park enthusiasts.

Every enthusiast needs this mug. We are always looking for the perfect opportunity to bring up theme parks and rollercoasters so why not treat someone to a mug that is both a warning an ice breaker Link here!

For those who want to splurge a lot of money on a single present than why not treat them to the incredible Lego Roller Coaster set. Link Here!

For a fan of photo's why not visit our friend over at First Drop Photography. They creat some pretty awesome photography gifts. Link Here!

For the jigsaw fans amongst the community than why not put this Wasgij puzzle on your Christmas list. It's a camp explosion of silliness. Link Here!

For those that love both roller coasters and escape games why not treat them to Exit: The Haunted Roller Coaster. It's such a fun escape game that will keep anyone occupied for a good hour or so. Link Here!

For the gamers amongst the enthusiasts why not consider one of the many theme park games out there. Our favourite is Planet Coaster. Link Here!

There are so many different sorts of books about all sorts of things, from Disney to John Wardley there really is a book for everyone.

Clothing is always a good go to for Christmas presents and there are so many relatable T-shirts out there that it's best to just have a browse and go with what you think they will. From comedy to just plain enthusiasm. The t-shirt above can be found at this link!

Finally we have the theme park merchandise for specific parks. These stores sell a variety of different pieces of merchandise for their parks and are a great way of finding specific items for a favourite ride.

I hope this little post helps with any gift ideas for the enthusiasts.


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