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Hell In A Cell Review

As you know, we love a good escape room and any that use scares are always a bonus for us. Hell in a cell is an escape that has been on our radar for a little while but have never been able to get a group together to do it, but on Saturday we managed to get enough people together with Ashley from Scare Directory and Tim from ScareTour and we decided to do this escape room.

From the moment you get there, the staff encourage you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. We spent a good 5 minutes with our lovely host, whose name skips me so apologies that I don’t remember it, just chatting about them and our escape room experience. We were then led in and told to put our belongings in a tub and then stand with our backs against the wall and put our hands out, which we did. We were all then handcuffed. Usually you also get hooded but due to COVID-19 they have temporarily removed this for health reasons. The experience then began. We were led into a very dark and smoke filled area and then we were split up. I’m not going to go into any more detail about what happened in there as it will ruin it.

What I will say is that the puzzles were great. There was a good array of physical and mental activities and it was perfect for the type of escape room it is. The ending was great too and it fully rounded of the whole experience. The ending is very interesting and very clever.

I guess without going into any more detail, that’s the review. I know it’s short but any more and it would ruin the experience. If you do get the chance to do than we highly recommend you do as it was brilliant. The team there were so great. They were welcoming, friendly and just awesome and we can’t thank them enough for a really awesome experience!

This picture was taken before Ash was found after getting lost in the finale and going the wrong way

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