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Hex - Cluedini Yarm Review

After completing Anubis at Cluedini in Darlington, our little group was in the mood for more escapes so that same night we ventured back to Yarm, the home of the first Cluedini escape room we did earlier in the year Blitz, to play the other room at that location that is called Hex. This room, as you may have already guessed is a witchcraft themed room. It has a difficulty rating of 4/5 on the Cluedini website. You go into this room as a coven of powerful witches who need to break a hex put on the towns and villages of the surrounding area.

We were greeted by our enthusiastic games master for the night who’s name I have completely forgotten (I really need to get better at this whole remembering of our games masters names thing). Like with our other host at Yarm when we played Blitz he was super enthusiastic and great fun and really made us feel welcome. He explained the rules and health and safety and everything we needed to know and then we were taken to the room and our game begun.

Like with the other Cluedini rooms it all takes place in one room. There is also a lot of locks in the room but this seems to be a consistent thing throughout the rooms run by Cluedini so we we’re expecting it. The puzzles were fun and some were very challenging but it all added to the experience, especially as it was the first witch themed room I have experienced. I really enjoyed the vast variety of puzzles in the room. Some were challenging and some used different forms of media. There was also a cauldron and wands and broomsticks, which I loved. The whole room was just a perfect beginner type room for this theme for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles even if I did forget how to reset a direction lock.

Overall it was a really fun room with some very fun puzzles and a puzzle that I haven’t seen before. It was a fun way to spend an hour and kept us puzzled and entertained. I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Cluedini Yarm for having us. We managed to break the hex in 53 minutes and 19 seconds. With Hex now complete I guess it means that its just Sleuth to go until we complete the Cluedini games.

To book tickets for any of the Cluedini rooms than you can visit the website here!


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