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Horror House by Screamworks Review

What better way to spend a sunny and gorgeous Sunday than entering a house of a serial killer to prove we have what it takes to interview him about his work. Well, that’s the challenge we accepted when we booked Horror House, the new escape experience by Screamworks, creators of Bloodbath, the immersive horror experience.

Set inside the same building as Bloodbath, this hour long escape experience will test you loyalty to not only the serial killer Jack, but to your friends as well. This escape room is made up of seven, yes you read that right, seven rooms. The first thing you notice when you enter each room is the level of detail that has gone into the sets. The sets are highly detailed because of Bloodbath as it uses the same rooms, so if you have experienced the immersive horror attraction, likelihood is you’ve seen them before. The story is compelling and engaging. Never once did it ever feel like nothing made sense and everything you did was for the progression of the story. I did however sometimes feel there was a lot of hand holding, but at the same time, it never really felt out of place. It was more that I think they wanted us to complete the experience so wanted to help us on our journey through Jack’s home.

The puzzles themselves aren’t the hardest in the world. For people who have played escape rooms before, it may not be the most exciting puzzle wise, but the way they have implemented the puzzles to work for the story is to be appreciated. I think that because it’s a horror room the puzzles are slightly easier so people can get the chance to experience the whole thing, which is actually really great. The experience does however feature something that I’m yet to see in an escape room before now that brings a very interesting twist and I think it could be used so much more without taking away from the experience. It is also worth noting that you will have to climb a ladder and crawl through a long tunnel.

Horror House is such a great escape room and definitely up there as one of the most immersive escape experiences I’ve done. It’s got the right level of creepiness whilst being engaging and fun and it is ideal for those who want to try something a bit more scary without having a live actor in the room with you. It also has the potential to evolve in different ways if they choose to do it and I’m excited to see what else they have in store.

For more information or to book tickets for Horror House you can visit the website here.

For more information about Bloodbath you can visit here.


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