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If We Could Look Behind The Curtain

I don’t know about you guys, but have you ever walked through a scare attraction or around a scream park and thought “I’d love to have a proper look around it”. Or gone on a ride and thought, I’d love to know how it works or what the sets look like? Yeah, we have too. And this got us thinking, what places would we like to have a proper behind the scenes look at.

The London Dungeon

The Dungeon attractions are very secretive about what happens behind the scenes, which is fair enough, but when you walk through them, London especially, you notice a lot of the sets, but you only get to see what they want you to see and a lot of the smaller details are usually missed. We’d love to be able to have lights on tour of the place. We think it would be fascinating to see how each room actually looks and how each effect works (Though many we have worked out). It would just be really awesome to see its beauty with the lights on.

The London Bridge Experience & Tombs

Pretty much the same reason as the London Dungeon, except this one has the scare maze. The first half would be for the exact same reasons as above, but then you reach the Tombs part of the experience. This is the bit that would fascinate us the most. Seeing the actor runs, the detailed sets, the effects. Anyone who has experienced the Tombs will understand the wanting to have a look behind the scenes. The sets in the dark look amazing and highly themed and as you’re walking you probabaly miss a lot of the detail, so it would just be amazing to be able to take it all in in its entirety.

River Caves At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Does this one need an explanation why? When you ride it for the first time, your jaw drops to the floor about how impressive this ride actually is. The sets are incredible. Even now, 10 months after my first experience of this ride, I’m still in complete awe at just how stunning this ride was. It would be bloody brilliant to be able to see each section with the lights fully on.

Tulleys Shocktoberfest

Who wouldn’t want to have a look behind the curtain here, lets be honest. Every single scare maze at the place will offer something different to look at. From animatronics to actor runs to sets, it would just be incredibly fascinating. Plus I think it would be great to see the scream park without so many guests clogging it up. I think it would be very creepy and slightly unnerving seeing the place empty. Plus I think we all want to see what VIXI actually looks like the other side of the hood.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train At Thorpe Park

As far as i’m aware, only one theme park fan group has had a BTS tour of this ride and that was TTSP. Last year was the first year I wasn’t able to attend any of their events (They are awesome and great for behind the scenes stuff and exclusive ride time) and so I missed out on being part of the first group to have a proper tour. This ride, when you think in detail about it, boggles the mind. There would be so much to see and so many secrets to be revealed. It would be great to finally fully know how it actually works and not just guess how it works.

Fear At Avon Valley

This has a couple of reasons for being on the list. 1. We are desperate to find out how the elevator scene in X4 is done as we genuinely can’t work it out and 2. We want to see the art work Kate Monroe did in House of Clowns in all its daytime glory! Everything else would just be extra for us and we’d be embracing it fully as our inner scare geek comes out.

Duel At Alton Towers

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a behind the scenes tour of Duel. To see it all with the lights on and be able to explore fully is definitely a bucket list thing for me. I know it wouldn’t reveal much that you can’t already see normally, but just to be able to go up close to some of the set pieces and have a proper good look would be amazing.

That is just a small portion of the places I’d love to see behind the curtain on. The list is always growing and expanding.


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