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Is Flamingo Land Fabulous?

Simple answer, yes, but we want to go into extra detail about why Flamingoland is amazing and such an under rated theme park. So other than that fact it’s called Flamingoland, which is amazing, why else is Flamingoland fabulous?

Rides Flamingoland has a huge diversity of rides. From big coasters to kiddie rides to water rides, this park has it all. For the kids, there are many small rides around as well as entertainment in the form of shows and a splash park and playgrounds. As well as plenty for the kids, there is plenty for the whole family with Zooom! The Zamperla Air Force family coaster, and Twistosaurus (great name) the Zamperla junior twister coaster. Among the many acres of space there is a combat zone and the pirate show and many other great rides. For the thrill seekers there are 7 rides. These range from Velocity, a Vekoma hydraulic launch motorbike coaster that is actually a lot of fun, to the great heights of Cliff Hanger and Pterodactyl. There really is a ride for everyone.

Food and Drink I kid you not, there are so many different places to eat at Flamingo that you need a whole day just to do the food! The park has a whopping 14 different places to eat and that’s not including all the tuck shops! Food options range from Pizza to an American diner to a tea room. There is literally something for everyone here. And the great thing is that they stay open until late so you can grab dinner as well as lunch. Our group tried The Diner on our visit and it was so cute and food was great. The shakes looked amazing but we didn’t get those as on a diet.

Staff and General Park Upkeep This has to be mentioned. The staff at Flamingoland are actually really happy! None of them looked miserable and all were extremely friendly and so helpful. A special mention goes out to the guy who was operating the Rotataur on Saturday. He was genuinely the happiest and friendliest person at the park and was great with the kids too. All the staff at the park were like this I must add, but this guy went above and beyond. Also, one thing you will notice straight away from when you enter is that it’s so clean. The park is very well kept and even the toilets at the end of the day were squeaky clean.

The Zoo Wow! That is all I can say about the zoo. It’s huge! There are so many different animals at the park that, again, you probably need a day just to appreciate all the animals and see all the animal shows. We didn’t get to see all the animals this time, but the ones we did see looked happy and well taken care off. Plus I got to see a Red Panda for the first time ever. I was happy. And yes, they have a huge collection of Flamingo’s.

As you can probably tell, we love Flamingoland and we would even go as far as saying that it’s one of the best family theme parks in the UK.

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