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Keep The Candle Burning Review

Electric Goldfish have really embraced the concept of social distance experiences over the past year with The Pandora Network so we were very intrigued to find out about an audio only ‘experience’ they were working on called Keep The Candle Burning. The experience costs £4.99 to download and it’s yours to keep to replay as and when you want. We will be open and honest, we were gifted a link to experience this, so a huge thank you from us for that.

The experience itself lasts about an hour and a half and contains 3 spooky stories that you can listen to, and if you’re feeling brave enough, you can even do the things yourself, which is awesome and terrifying in equal measures. I must admit, due to time constraints, I listened to one story a night, but obviously you can listen to as much or as little as you want.

The introduction really sets up the vibe for the stories ahead and the narration throughout has this dull yet completely intoxicating sound to it. It’s the type of voice where you don’t listen but you hear everything that is said. It’s so strange to describe in words the type of voice.

The first story gives us an introduction to the type of stories they are going for. It’s got a real Twilight Zone feel about it and it works so well in setting up the atmosphere for the rest of the experience. The second story introduces us to the nervous fear. It’s super tense and really plays on it well. It builds and builds and the ending really leaves you on edge. The third story, for me personally, wasn’t as tense or as spooky as the previous two. That’s not a negative thing about the experience and I can not stress that enough. I can fully see what was tried to be done with the third story but it just didn’t have an effect on me personally. It’s a great story and I can imagine it’s truly terrifying for someone who falls for it’s ….. charm but even if you don’t, it’s still a bit weird to think in depth about.

Overall Keep The Candle Burning was so much fun and was so creepy. It worked so well as a whole package and if you really immerse yourself in each story (if possible) it really adds to your experience. We want to say a huge thank you everyone involved with the experience!


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