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Notts Maze - The Labyrinth 2020 Review

Returning after a 2 night run last year is The Labyrinth at Notts Maze just outside of Arnold – Nottingham. The maze is set in a 12-acre cornfield with multiple routes, dead ends and clearings all to get you well and truly lost. Add into the mix the strangest scavenger hunt you will ever find and you have just described The Labyrinth. We will say straight off the bat that yes actors do get close and while they might not be masked all actors are temp checked prior to shift and screened for symptoms of COVID. We were made very assured that any actor that shows symptoms will not be allowed on-site, On top of this hand sanitizing is in place and all guests must wear masks while on site. Notts Maze is very hot on this and honestly you have nothing to fear except maybe the maze itself.

So onto The Labyrinth itself, Right on entry you are met with military staff that welcome you on the road up to the maze and more after you have signed in, this level of immersive detail we really enjoyed and it was very appreciative to see. The Labyrinth offers options to go with a guide, go just with a map or even go it alone into the cornrows. Once inside you will have 1 hour to complete your mission which you will be briefed on previous to entering. We should say that when coming to take on The Labyrinth do not expect a scare maze in traditional form. This is more of a 1-hour scare experience which really does depend on what choices you make, How far or deep into the maze you go really is down to you, But rest assured before long you will find yourself meeting the residents within which range from crazed clowns to psychotic prison inmates that are your key to completing your mission. Be aware that the maze is very muddy so you must have suitable footwear, If you don’t you will get very messy very quickly. The maze is absolutely huge and it will really surprise you once you enter just how similar every path will look. As there will be other groups in at the same time there is a level of common sense involved, If you see another group just keep your distance or choose another route and trust me there will be so many to choose from. Some inmates you might find quite easily, others however may find you first.

It’s so hard to honestly review without giving away too many spoilers but what we can say is for a 1 hour event it is an absolute blast and even if your not the most easily scared you will still have so much fun.

As we wrap up this review, and after talking with the owners it is obvious there is such a sense of pride in this family-run business. It is always such a joy to see an event run by a family that are all in it for the experience and not necessarily the paycheck and the Notts Maze family totally fit that description. In fact, we had so much fun we booked for the following night after. The entire team from the entrance staff, the guides, the management and of course the scare actors all deserve so much praise for what they have put together, Each and every one of them are so dedicated to their roles and it shows. We don’t know what the future holds for Notts Maze but the very little bits of info we do know promise a very exciting future and we cant wait to see how Notts Maze evolves within the scare community. The only downside is this event is only running for 6 nights which is such a shame because The Labyrinth is such a rare treat that so many people should experience at least once in their lives and if scares are not your biggest thing Notts Maze also run Laser Battle experiences too.

Thank you to the entire Notts Maze team for having us. We can’t wait to see what you create in the future, Most people hope for the future to be bright but when it comes to the future of Notts Maze we hope its dark, twisted and creepy as hell because this 12 Acre corn maze could be the setting for pure nightmare fuel and that prospect excites us greatly.

Until next time

Dan and Dane


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