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Project Escape Middlesbrough - The Empty Cabin Review

Last week really was an escape week as our fourth escape room of the week was The Empty Cabin by Project Escape in Middlesbrough. I had heard nothing about this room or even this company before and I found them because on Google. They have two locations, Middlesbrough and Hexham. But I was there to experience The Empty Cabin. When we arrived we were greeted by our Games Master Abi. She explained all the usual health and safety associated with escape room. As awesome as Abi was, whilst she was explaining all this there was a sound issue, not with her, but with the openeness of the room. There was also another group getting either their safety speech or had just finished at the same time and it made it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. Luckily our little group has done a few escape rooms before so knew the speech but I imagine for beginners it would be difficult to hear everything being mentioned. This isn't a criticism. More just a helpful hint to both visitors and staff to be aware that this could happen again.

Anyway, we were led into the room and our game begun. Our little group of three split off and started to explore the room and start solving puzzles. We cracked through quite a lot really quickly because we split off but then the puzzles started to get a bit trickier. The room was themed quite well and it did kind of feel like we were in a cabin. As the game progressed the puzzles got harder and I enjoyed that. The room also opens up. The way the hints are delivered is fun. Its done in a not so serious way and there is a bit of banter and I laughed a few times at the comments Abi was writing onto the tv. I do have one negative about this room though. You get a chalk board to help with writing down notes. This does not work. Its hard to write on and just doesn't tand with the rest of the room. It actually made the room harder than it needed to be because this chalk board was terrible. We also noticed that this room required a big calculation to be worked out with nothing but this chalk board. The part where this is done, a calculator could so easily be hidden to help those who struggle with maths.

Overall we had fun escaping from The Empty Cabin and we managed to escape with 4 minutes and 50 seconds on the clock. Not bad for our first time as the 'Tiki Tub Trio'. We'd just like to say a huge thank you to Abi for making this room so much fun and we will be back to Middlesbrough to play Haunted and Sherlock's Mysterious Manor. For more information about Project Escape and to book their rooms you can visit their website.


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