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Prometheus at Escape Stations Review

On the 23rd of November we decided pretty much last minute to do an escape room. After a good search on Google we came across a name we had yet to see, Escape Stations, which can be found just off Nottingham's Lace Market who has parking close by. With only one physical game on offer we decided to book. For the four of us, the game came to £75 which works out at £18.75 each. On entering Escape Stations we were met by the charismatic Tom who although new to the game was extremely passionate about the industry and was a joy to talk to. After the usual safety spiel in which no corner was left unturned we were led to our room to be told the story of Prometheus.

A local housing developer of the foothills of Greece has stumbled across an ancient courtyard and temple, The workers have been sent away for exactly 1 hour giving us the time we are sure to need to crack the clues where others have failed and enter the temple in search of the treasure within-the legendary flame of Prometheus.

Potential Spoiler warning - Read on at your own risk.

Prometheus might not be the largest of rooms being 3 main areas in total but for what the game provides it is well thought out and carefully created. It starts in the courtyard where the first set of devious puzzles lay in wait, with a good selection of padlocks, cages and even an Archimedes Screw to contend with. Prometheus starts surprisingly strong even if the first impression is a little underwhelming in comparison to some of the other rooms we have done in the past, but true to the phrase you really should never judge a book by its cover or in this case a courtyard. The use of lighting, text and water all lead to a great start to this Grecian escape. Should you get further than the original construction workers you will find yourself in the temple its self, A smaller but absolutely beautiful space accented with atmospheric lighting, authentic-looking aesthetics and even a musty smell like the temple had not seen visitors in years. The puzzles continue within that require a little thinking to get past but will provide a fun experience and even a jump scare or two as well.

We went in as a group of 4 and beat the game with a time of 41:40 which we were later told we were the 3rd fastest to complete Prometheus.

Escape Stations is the newest game provider in Nottingham but it's definitely not a company to sleep on. Our host Tom revealed that the company has plans for a total of 6 rooms to come and if they put all the effort they have into Prometheus then we can't wait to return.

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Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
2021. nov. 25.

'Charismatic' Tom here!! Thank you ever so much for your lovely review, it was a pleasure to host a fun team who were also really good puzzlers and logic solvers. Also kudos for noticing the smells, we run an atomiser in there 30 mins before game with a mixture of sandalwood and banana oil to make it smell old. Top brains and top noses

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