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Puzzlair - The Poltergeist

On Tuesday evening we popped along to Bristol to experience Puzzlair’s The Poltergeist room. We knew nothing about this room but it did come recommended so we thought why not. We rocked up at the location of the room, which is one of two locations and entered. Obviously precautions were in place with us wearing masks and social distancing in place. As you enter the reception area there is a table with hand sanitiser and gloves. We met our host Greta who was so lovely. She explained the rules and we had just a general chat with her before being led into the room.

I won’t go into full on detail on this room, but please note that there could be potential spoilers from here. The themeing in the room was nice. It was simple but it worked and really helped set the ambience. Its slightly creepy but its not dark. The puzzles themselves were fun and quite challenging. I won’t lie, we had to be gently nudged in the right direction a couple of times, but when I say gently nudged I mean gently nudged. We weren’t ever told a clue in detail. One thing you will notice about the room is that they like their locks. I think there was about 10-12 locks, either padlocks or code locks. On a hot day, which it was even at 8pm, the temperature in the room got hot and trying to do the code locks with sweaty fingers was interesting. Oh, and we screamed a couple of times. Love a scary room.

We managed to solve the room with 9 minutes and 25 seconds left on the clock. I just want to say a huge thank you to Greta and Puzzlair for a really great time and we really can’t recommend this room enough. We shall be back for the rest. If you are interested in this or any of the rooms they have, make sure you visit their website here!


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