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Robin Of Lockskey - Escapologic Nottingham

On the 16th December we found ourselves back to take on another of Escapologics devious escape rooms, this time the very fitting for Nottingham "Robin of Lockskey". Our roles in the game were to save the Sheriff of Nottingham from a gang of kidnappers. The team before us was given 24 hours to find the iconic ransom of a golden arrow, they however have failed and left us with an hour to complete the job. We were now in the private office of the Sheriff ready to go on the adventure and search, How did we do? Well, read on to find out.

Spoiler Warning - Read on at your own risk.

First off we have to say Robin of Lockskey is not a small room, it is in fact 5 rooms carefully combined to create one hell of an escape. What starts with whats seems a generic office escape soon unfolds with some very clever puzzles straight off the mark to get your head-scratching. If you pass the office you will find yourself facing the more medieval elements of Robin of Lockskey with a beautiful crawl space that will remind some of the preshow of Wicker Man and The Welcoming which I can safely say was well appreciated. Following this puzzle Robin takes you on an unexpected trip into the deeper cellars of the game, that's right it's multi-level as well as perfectly themed, what more can you want. From here on the puzzles get a bit more devious with some well-hidden items that you will need to succeed and one part in particular which left our group haemorrhaging time and amping up our stress levels in equal measure.

This left us with the final room with one last test to get the arrow itself.

Everything about this room was perfection, It kept you guessing, you never get bored and it makes you think, All the perfect attributes for an escape. All in all, we managed our escape with 4 minutes left on the clock.

Once again Escapologic has pulled it out of the bag with another superb escape room that ticks all the boxes and of course lived up the standards we have come to expect from possibly Nottinghams best escape room company. We can't wait to experience the other rooms that lay in wait. But until that time PSG signing out. If you wish to try your luck in Robin of Lockskey or any of the other rooms at Escapologic Nottingham then head to the link


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