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Room Escape Southend – The Gingerbread House and The Forgotten Tomb

So we are back at Room Escape Southend for both the Christmas (slightly scary) room, The Gingerbread House and the non scary room The Forgotten Tomb. I enlisted the help of my good friend Stephen from Scare Directory to help me escape the rooms. Question is did we escape? As both rooms are still running I will try and keep it as spoiler free as possible.

First up, The Forgotten Tomb. Our job was to raid a new Egyptian tomb that has recently been discovered and locate the stolen serpent. This serpent will stop a deadly curse taking over and everyone is relying on us to save the day. We also had to find the golden skull too. This room is what I call the more brainy room with a mixture of puzzles, encryptions and of course, my enemy, padlocks but we worked well as a two as Stephen most definitely had the brain power and I had the practical side and with this, we only just managed to escape this room, but we did it We saved the day. We both really enjoyed this room. It was good fun. Some tricky elements but got pointed in the right direction if we got stuck and I love a good puzzle.

Next up was The Gingerbread House, the Christmas room, with the odd scare. Our job was to fix the oven, solve the clues and to trick the witch in to the oven. The room was all UV and very colourful. When we walked in we got to solve the clues, riddles and puzzles to capture this witch and burn it in the oven. But this was not always as simple as it sounds as the witch would make an appearance out of no where and you did not want to be caught by it. I was always caught of guard by the witch and it scared me good and the scratching on the walls was so creepy. Our host Floyd pointed us in the right direction when needed to and was very helpful. I’m more better at the bigger rooms but after 57mins we escaped, whooo. I really enjoyed this room it was so much fun and the scares when they came were brilliant. They completely caught me of guard or when I was distracted.

Overall I had a brilliant time here with these guys as always! Both rooms were great fun. The atmosphere in both rooms was great and the music in The Gingerbread House really added to it too. We had a brilliant time. It’s such good fun and definitely get down to them if you can. Very much looking forward to returning to do their next scary room. Thanks room Escape Southend for an awesome night!

Room Escape Southend also recently announced all their rooms for 2020. Below are all the promotional imagery they posted onto Facebook.


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