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Scream Camp 2019 Review

What’s better than spending a night with your friends on a farm around a campfire? Maybe add in a head to head competition and some murderers and you’ve got yourself a party. We found ourselves in this position two weekends ago when we visited a farm near Oldham for Scream Camp. Dom wussed out, i mean, wasn’t available, so it was just Dan, Pagan and myself. This 10 hour overnight camping experience put two teams head to head to win points in various challenges.

We need to mention two things. The location is stunning. What a pleasure it was to see dusk and dawn at this farm. Also the whole team behind Scream Camp are incredible. We might be a bit biased in this review (By accident) as we know so many of the people involved with this personally and consider them such great friends of us and of Parks, Scares and Glitter.

So where do we start. I guess the beginning. The night started when Tracey came and collected us. She had us giggling within minutes. She then introduced us to her sister, Lola, who seemed completely obssessed with the murders. With this we had the story of them explained to us. We then all introudced ourselves to each other and then we were split into our teams. Dom predicted it correctly. Dan and Pagan were on Team Lola and I was on Team Tracey. Around the campfire there was dancing, singing, stripping, you know, the usual crazy shit that happens around a camp fire. We must also say, we were sober. No alcohol was allowed. This all ended when the extra company arrived.

All of a sudden all hell broke loose in the camp. The murderers had found us! I was terrified. I was clinging onto my sleeping bag as well as Dan and screaming. We were dragged from out tents kicking and screaming. The games had well and truly begun.

Throughout the evening there was a lot of stuff happening. A lot was one on one with the murderers, which made it even more terrifying. Each character you met was totally different and each one brought their own version of an intimidating personality that it made each encounter that much more special. The challenges weren’t constant either, so you got a chance to chill at camp between the challenges, which really helped build the tension. Throughout the night we were all put in various different positions and some really pushed us, but once each challenge was done you also got a bit of a buzz of it and wanted to do more. The final challenge saw myself and Dan joined by Tim from a different review site on top of some hay bales. It was terrifying and amazing all rolled into one. I won’t go into detail, but it is something that we won’t forget for a very long time. And then just like that the sun came up and we ended it with a dance off. Team Lola won with Dan getting the team the most points, so congratulations to Team Lola on that win.

(Images from Scream Camps social media pages)

We’ve tried to keep this review spoiler free for those still waiting to do it this year. We do just want to give a special mention to Lola and Tracey though. They have to keep camp upbeat and awake all night and if it wasn;t for them keeping us entertained we’d all have probably fallen asleep. The banter between the two characters was so on point that it was just amazing. They also loved a good photo opportunity, which meant selfies! But seriously, A massive huge thank you to the entire team behind Scream Camp and we will see you in October for Scream Camp Unleashed: The Ritual. We are already shitting ourselves.


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