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Southern Dis-comfort at Hounds Escape Review

Yesterday we posted our review of Questionable Ethics at Hounds Escape Rooms in Crawly, but they have a second room which we also did in Southern Dis-comfort. This hillbilly themed escape room has received high reviews from other escape room enthusiasts and was the reason we originally booked to visit Hounds. We were greeted by our host Joel Cassidy who led us up stairs to the room. The entry way is themed and its immersive straight away. He explained that he loved Dwayne's moonshine but its made by a rival clan so he needed us to go an steal some. We were game. He put us in front of two doors and then encouraged us to enter.


We were seperated into two rooms, a bathroom and a garage. The tv came on and gave us the rules and health and safety and then the awesome countdown clock started. 3 2 1, the game had started. I was in the bathroom and it was a lot smaller than the garage. I had to put a mirror back together, turn some taps and even go fishing in a toilet. The problem was, the mirror pieces had to be put through a hole by the person in the garage which got some hilariously filthy remarks from the host. It was hilarious. I was eventually free and we were able to work on the puzzles together. The garage actually feels like a garage. Its puzzles all revolve around the tools and other pieces of theming in the room. This whole room worked really well and really set the tone for the rest of the room. We eventually unlocked the door to proceed to the next area.

We stepped into the next room and onto gravel. It felt wierd knowing we were inside but outside. We searched around whilst in awe at the level of detail of the theming throughout the entire room. The puzzles in this next bit are really clever and use the setting and theme to its advantage. We eventually found the moonshine and had to escape. The last room unlocked and we were greeted by an amazing motorbike. We had to solve the puzzles in this room to escape and the motorbike would help us in a suprising way. It was awesome. We solved them and then the finale happened. I won't spoil it but its pretty awesome. We escaped with a very awesome 21:52 left on the clock. We almost made the leader board. I think we were just a minute out. So close!

Southern Dis-comfort is a stunningy beautiful room that requires team work. It has a great diversity in puzzles and the whole room just plays out in such a way that its pretty special to experience. Honestly it was such a great experience and a room we can not recommend enough. I just want to say a huge thank you to the entire team at Hounds Escape Rooms for having us and we can not wait for your next two rooms, The Explorer's Diary and The Acid Bath Murderer to open.

For more information and to book your escapes you can visit the Hounds Escape website.


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